What stage is your career in? Are you just beginning? On your way up? Already on top and want to stay there?

Whether you, your teammates or those you lead…are an eager beginner, already a savvy and winning pro, or a seasoned vet with a long track record of success…

Are you hungry to help yourself and others…

Be more? Achieve more? Earn more?

If so, then be prepared to grow…

As a person, a leader, an entrepreneur, a sales or service pro, an executive or a key team member. Yet only, when you listen, learn and execute!

“38% above forecast!”

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“New records!”

Aid Association for Lutherans / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
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“Revolutionized our sales!”

Monica Bower, Marketing Manager / TERiX Computer Service
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What Jeff Means to You:

  • It means enhancing you and your team’s performance and profits through effective, proven skills, processes and methodologies.
  • It means you’ll know how being value-driven, integrity-based and non-manipulative, are the only true ways to build relationships, generate referrals, lead, sell and serve successfully…to produce enhanced revenue generation for customer or client acquisition, satisfaction and retention.
  • It means you and your team will be prepared with articulate, thoughtful and meaningful responses to objections, stalls, decision-delayers and challenges.
  • It means you’ll possess the secret of third party testimonials…and know their impact on business-growth and on the top and bottom-lines.
  • It means you’ll learn immediately applicable “how-to” skills. As well as understand the “why” or rationale behind the skills, so you become an adaptive, creative and strategic thinker, problem-solver and solutions-provider.
  • It means a renewed focus, energy, discipline and enthusiasm for the future.
  • It means you and your people will project a positive image and move further and faster in your careers.
  • It means you’ll benefit from Jeff’s on-target counsel and guidance, based on over 32 years of experience in the trenches, working with all kinds of clients, of varied sizes, in numerous industries.
  • It means you can positively change, improve and upgrade who you are, what you do and how you do it. Fast!
  • It means creating a culture of expectation, results and accountability. For yourself and others.
  • It means restful nights…because of YOUR ACCELERATED CAREER!

Imagine it’s one year from now…
and your goals have been met and exceeded.

How do you feel?

Here’s to your results!

Programming for Your Results:

Opportunity $elling
The Customer Commitment
Negotiating Know How – The Power of “Yes”
Referrals: Your Road to Results
Change: Capsize or Capitalize
Marketing Magic
Manage, Move & Motivate
Creating Your Own “TV” Telecast
Creating Your Own C.A.B. / Customer or Client Advisory Board
Personal Success Coaching
Jeff’s Incredible No-Risk Assurance


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Growth tools:

Opportunity $elling® CDs (audio learning-system)
Stop Whining! Start Selling! (book)
Peak Your Profits (book)
RESULT$ (book and/or CD)
Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny! (book)
Opportunity $elling® (sales quotation book)
Profitable Customer Service (video)
How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals (video)
Behavioral Assessments (Sales, Service & Management)