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Print, broadcast and online journalists, producers and hosts…rely upon Jeff Blackman’s talent and expertise as an award winning business-growth specialist, Hall of Fame speaker and best selling author. He gives readers, listeners and viewers…proven strategies and compelling insights to generate immediate results.

His hard-hitting, unique and entertaining style, make him highly quotable in print and the perfect guest for radio, television and online forums. Plus, as a veteran radio/TV talk show host and newspaper columnist himself, Jeff especially knows, how to be a valuable contributor or an engaging guest.


Jeff Blackman Interviewed on: Value vs. Price!
Jeff Blackman Interviewed on: Overcoming Objections!
Jeff Blackman Interviewed on: VINe Philosophy!

Press Releases:

Jeff Blackman inducted into National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame

Vistage, the world’s leading CEO organization, names Jeff Blackman Fast Track Speaker of the Year!

Jeff Blackman Hits Amazon Bestseller List with new book Stop Whining! Start Selling!

Newspaper Articles:

Family, ethics fuel career of pro speaker Blackman

Spotlight on Jeff Blackman

1st Grade Teacher Taking Grateful Former Pupil to Cubs Game

My Favorite Redhead

Audio Interviews:

Your Path to Profit!
Interview: iLearning Global’s Jake Randall interviews Jeff

Listen to six brief excerpts from this interview with Jeff, as he shares success strategies that are meaningful, memorable and most important, immediately implementable!

Jake: “Tell us, how do people compete in a tough economy, what advice do you have?”
Jeff: “One of the interesting things…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 5:02

Jake: “And other strategies to win…”
Jeff: “Here’s another important factor…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:22

Jake: “Tell me about the little r and BIG R…”
Jeff: “It’s really a strategy…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 3:24

Jake: “Why is asking the right questions such a crucial skill…”
Jeff: “There are only three things…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:05

Jake: “What’s the real value of asking great questions…”
Jeff: “Here are questions to adapt and apply…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:33

Jake: “If you could share one more concept to change the way…”
Jeff: “Here are a few things to guide…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:51

Your Road to Results!

Interview: To promote a client’s upcoming series of results-sessions Jeff was asked:

How are you a difference maker?
Jeff: “I will never make that claim, however, clients will give their gratitude after…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 1:09

Why should folks attend?
Jeff: “I stress to people, the reasons they’ll attend…are two motivators…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 1:40

Documentary Films:

Know NO!

Story Topics & Angles:

  • Business-Growth
  • Selling Value not Price
  • Asking the Right Questions / Probe and Prosper
  • How to Compete in a Changing Marketplace
  • How to Peak Your Profits
  • Customer Commitment: Serve & Soar
  • How to be a Better Negotiator
  • Ethics
  • Goal Achievement
  • Winning Ways to Build Relationships
  • Referrals, Your Best and Most Profitable Lead-Generator
  • Qualities of a Leader

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