The Customer Commitment

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They pay your salary! You’ll learn how to maximize every customer contact to drive loyalty and profitability.

Exceeded expectations! A home run!

Linx has been named, multiple times, to Inc.’s 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies. When Linx President Erik Isernhagen, initially contacted Jeff he said, “Saw you speak and enjoyed your humor, style and common sense message and approach. You’re the perfect guy to kick-off our Linx Academy Gold Star Service & Sales meeting.” After the results-session, Erik wrote:

“Tremendous. Exceeded expectations. A home run! I can see why you’ve never lost your “money back guarantee” bet! Your content was great and your delivery was exceptional. I very much appreciate that you worked with me ahead of time to ensure your presentation was relevant to our company’s focus. Our people, (typically skeptics), haven’t stopped referencing your talk. By the way, I was reading the comments back to you, trust you saw how many made mention of the impression you left. These folks aren’t all that touchy/feely or expressive, so those comments are meaningful!”

Comments include:

“Jeff was outstanding. His ability to get us all involved was superb. This meeting demonstrates our commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations.”

“I’ve learned things that will help me personally and professionally. Jeff was awesome!”

“Valuable, rewarding, eye opening. We were very fortunate to have Jeff out here!”

Major Points / Highlights / Potential Key Focus Areas / What You Learn

  • how to keep your customers from going to the competition
  • 4 strategies to handle the nasty or complaining customer
  • why building relationships means increased profits
  • the 10 dimensions of service quality
  • listening for profits
  • how to devise a customer service/marketing plan
  • what’s your purpose
  • 10 things you should never say to a customer
  • how to optimize your initial contact
  • an easy to follow, yet profit-producing formula for success
  • creating your parade of progress—for ongoing follow-up and more…

Read a popular newspaper column by Jeff on this topic: No Snow Job.

Results-session formats:

Keynote/general session: 45 – 90 minutes
Workshop: 2 – 7 hours
Seminar: Multiple consecutive days
Coaching/consultation: Multiple days over time, i.e., monthly, quarterly, etc.
Learning-system: Multiple days over time, i.e., monthly, quarterly, etc.

Alternate titles:

Profitable Customer Service
RESULT$: The Name of the Game
Serve & Soar
Creating Profits Through People®

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