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As a dynamic and multi-faceted speaker and business-growth specialist, Jeff shares his positive and profit-producing messages with corporate, association and entrepreneurial audiences throughout the world. His highly researched and compelling presentations engage, educate, entertain and inspire! Please find a seat in The Front Row, visit the Vintage Video Vault or enjoy the Results Potpourri.

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Dive into some of Jeff’s most popular back-issue newspaper columns. Written in his hard-hitting, no-nonsense, yet fun, friendly and conversational style.


An ongoing dose of knowledge and inspiration, to help you grow your business, accelerate your career and improve your life!

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Jeff’s best selling books deliver real-world solutions to drive monstrous results, like a 25% – 50% increase or more in revenue and earnings. Fast-paced, street-smart, ethical actions and proven strategies. Jeff’s books ignite you, whether you’re beginning your career, on your way up, or already on top and want to stay there!

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When you see this icon , it’s your opportunity to listen to powerful excerpts from one of Jeff’s audio growth tools, customized client CDs or captivating interviews.

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Get a free subscription to Jeff’s monthly e-zine: The Results Report. You never know what timely topics Jeff will write, rant or rave about. And if you like impactful, conversational, information-loaded, real-world stuff—that helps you generate immediate results, then The Results Report is for you! Each issue is packed with meaningful quotes, success strategies, straight talk, action steps, valuable lessons and brutal honesty. Plus, it’s fun to read!

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Tiny format, GIANT IMPACT! With just a few words, in a dramatic statement or an incisive question, Jeff delivers philosophical or strategic powerhouses. And you’re welcome to use them “as is” in your social media, digital communication, newsletter, e-zine or news story. Now you can easily give others…a brain boost!