GROW Your Business

Whether you’re a closely-held business, entrepreneurial-driven organization, Fortune 500 company or even a solo practitioner, Jeff can help you grow your business. Quickly. Ethically. Dramatically!

If you have prospects…

If you have customers or clients…

If you have a leadership, sales or service team that’s frustrating you because they’re not capitalizing on opportunities…

If your folks are leaving dollars on the table and it’s driving you nuts…

If you have revenue, with no matter how many zeroes or commas and want to grow it…

Then Jeff is ready to help you plan, prepare and prosper!

“$230 million dollars in new business…”

Banc One Financial Services
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“Jeff helped double our business…”

Bob Williams, CEO & COO / Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing, Inc.
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“Increased sales by 25%…”

Phil Kuhn, Vice President of the Correspondent Lending Division at the Principal Financial Group and CitiMortgage.
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What Jeff Means to You:

  • It means you’ll create the right culture…for results, (internal and external).
  • It means your business-growth efforts will produce greater sales volume and profits.
  • It means your team will retain / find more profitable clients and relationships.
  • It means your professionals can sell more products and services, at higher margins.
  • It means your professionals won’t get “beat-up” on “price” or be intimidated by the sales, service or business-development process or competition.
  • It also means enjoying the game of business.
  • It means you’ll be better equipped to adapt to your changing marketplace
  • It means taking control of your future.
  • It means your team will know about the science and art of “perceived value” and most important, know how to persuasively communicate it.
  • It means your team will be using strategies and principles that have been proven in the “real world” by tough, challenging audiences…our ecstatic clients!
  • It means restful nights…because of YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH!

Imagine it’s one year from now…
and your goals have been met and exceeded.

How do you feel?

Here’s to your results!

Programming for Your Results:

Opportunity $elling
The Customer Commitment
Negotiating Know How – The Power of “Yes”
Referrals: Your Road to Results
Change: Capsize or Capitalize
Marketing Magic
Manage, Move & Motivate
Creating Your Own “TV” Telecast
Creating Your Own C.A.B. / Customer or Client Advisory Board
Personal Success Coaching
Jeff’s Incredible No-Risk Assurance


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Growth tools:

Opportunity $elling® CDs (audio learning-system)
Stop Whining! Start Selling! (book)
Peak Your Profits (book)
RESULT$ (book and/or CD)
Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny! (book)
Opportunity $elling® (sales quotation book)
Profitable Customer Service (video)
How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals (video)
Behavioral Assessments (Sales, Service & Management)