Marketing Magic

The purpose of marketing is simple, to generate results and increase sales. Period! Jeff removes the myths and helps you master the magic!

A catalyst for proven and relevant results.

“Jeff is a catalyst for proven and relevant results. We observed immediate benefits, within a business day. Our people have improved their preparation and listening skills in ways deeply satisfying to our executive leadership, our prospects and most importantly our clients. For our senior people the lessons shared were an overdue refresher of tried and true disciplines that Jeff brings to life in new ways relevant to today’s business climate. For others more junior, Jeff created a foundation of professionalism that’ll serve their careers faithfully for years to come. With so many unmistakable challenges facing today’s business community, I’d highly recommend Jeff now more than ever.”

Derrick Van Grol
Vice President of Global Sales
IDI Billing Solutions,

Major Points / Highlights / Potential Key Focus Areas / What You Learn

  • the biggest marketing mistakes—what they are and how to avoid them
  • your unique selling proposition or USP and its impact on ROI
  • how to leverage your hidden assets
  • marginal net worth and annuitization value
  • the power of sponsorship
  • ways to increase your value barometer
  • risk reversal
  • the marketing psyche—how to think like a “marketer”
  • how to capture mind share, market share and wallet share
  • creating raving fans or customers, who become powerful sources of introduction
  • the 4 to 1 rule and more…

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Results-session formats:

Keynote/general session: 45 – 90 minutes
Workshop: 2 – 7 hours
Seminar: Multiple consecutive days
Coaching & consulting: Multiple days over time, i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.
Learning-system: Multiple days over time, i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.

Alternate titles:

Promotion, Perception and Profitability
RESULT$: The Name of the Game
Creating Profits Through People®
How to Become a Marketing Maven

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Jeff’s Incredible No-Risk Assurance

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