38% above forecast!

ATAS puts pedal to the metal!


ATAS was already a premier manufacturer of metal building and architectural solutions. Yet they wanted to learn new skills, attitudes and behaviors…to exceed their goals.


Jeff worked closely with ATAS’s senior leadership team, i.e., President, Vice President of Marketing and National Sales Manager to create an impactful business-growth learning-system.


Here are e-comments, received within one week of results-sessions kicked-off for the ATAS eastern team:

  • “After one week of using these new questions, got an answer from one customer who said they’d increase business with us by 40%.”
  • “Was truly amazed at the interaction among participants. The enthusiasm carried over throughout the week. Should increase gross sales by 35-40%.”
  • “The most immediate economic impact will be improved efficiency throughout the team. Proper information gathering should allow for sales to improve profitability on a per sale basis. On-going, we can double our sales within a two year time frame.”
  • “Double-digit, annual profitable growth can now be easily obtained.”
  • “Jeff presented powerful business growth strategies in a positive, entertaining environment that stressed implementation, teamwork, action and follow-through. The solutions are based on an approach of absolute integrity and honesty, and we have plenty of support tools to help with implementation and ongoing reinforcement.”
  • “What a great meeting. Employees are genuinely excited. Initial      increases should be on the order of 50%!”


Based upon the eastern team’s success, a few months later, (in the winter), Jeff headed to Mesa, Arizona to continue the progress with the eastern team, and to kick-off the western team’s results. Then in the fall, Jeff met with the entire ATAS team again, to continue their road to results.

By the fall, one year after the initial results-session, the ATAS team was 38% above their sales goal!

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