Opportunity $elling!® CDs

Six Profit-Producing Steps to Multiply Your Earnings

Six audio-CDs or a JumpDrive deliver 5½ hours of profit-producing strategies. They explain in detail, the six steps in Jeff’s Opportunity $elling business-development system. They also deliver hard-hitting, ethical and bottom-line ideas on:

  • the 8 core profit-principles
  • 16 strategies to improve your listening skills
  • 15 tips and techniques on questioning and probing
  • more than 10 impactful ways to create your differential competitive advantage
  • over 25 negotiation strategies
  • more than 50 suggestions about adapting to a buyer’s decision-making style and more…

Plus, you’ll also receive:

  • a Mental Motivator pocket card outlining all 6 steps of the sales system, along with the 30 profit points
  • an Opportunity $elling sales chart
  • investment style worksheets
  • 150 profit words and power phrases, plus
  • a FREE copy of the Opportunity $elling sales quotation book

“Jeff, to say your teaching has revolutionized our sales would be an understatement. The principles are being repeated and internalized, and I’ve seen both company growth and personal rewards from adopting the approaches you advocate. The second time through the CDs, I got even more out of the points, which is the earmark of a quality training program. It has an unexpected density without seeming “heavy” or complicated. The sales team has more tools at their disposal than ever before, with an intense effect on perception, morale and team spirit.”

Monica Bower
Marketing Manager
TERiX Computer Service

Publisher: POPP Publishing
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Six audio-CDs in twelve strategic results-sessions, deliver 5½ hours of profit-producing strategies.

Results-session 1
CHANGE: Capsize or Capitalize

  • The changing marketplace.
  • What Opportunity $elling means to you.
  • The 5 pitfalls, if you refuse to grow.
  • The 8 core “change” profit principles.
  • Push your paradigm. Raise your ceiling.
  • The 6 factors of “change” you must remember.

Listen now to a brief audio excerpt

Time: 2:25

Results-session 2
Seize the “Opportunity”

  • The VIN philosophy: Value driven. Integrity based. Non-manipulative.</
  • Perceived value.
  • Psychic debt.
  • Opportunity $elling / OPRTNTY overview:
    Open, Probe, Reveal, Translate, Negotiate and The Yes.
  • Differential competitive advantage.
  • Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Risk-reversal.

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Time: 3:13

Results-session 3
Would You Lie Your Way to Success?

  • Question vs. dilemma.
  • Why integrity catapults you to unprecedented levels of success.
  • The decades of “me” – “my” and “you.”
  • Under the microscope: politicians, athletes and business people.
  • E.T.H.I.C.S.
  • The ethics evaluator: six-step decision making process.

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Time: 2:02

Results-session 4
OPEN…Your Door to Opportunity

  • Listening vs. talking.
  • 16 listening strategies.
  • What’s your destination?
  • Chronology – Methodology – Profitability.
  • First impressions.
  • Rapport and relationship building – 11 key questions to ask yourself.
  • The communications impact.
  • Museum of sales history.
  • The 5 open profit points.

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Time: 3:00

Results-session 5
PROBE…Your Path to Profit® • Part 1

  • The power of questions.
  • Motivated vs. unmotivated need.
  • Problem/solve.
  • Need/fill.
  • Dream or goal/realize.
  • The 7 advantages of asking questions.
  • 15 crucial questions to ask.
  • 6 profit-producing tips for your next sales interview.
  • The boomerang.

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Time: 2:53

Results-session 6
PROBE…Your Path to Profit® • Part 2

  • The fairness doctrine.
  • Would it be fair to say.
  • Referral psyche.
  • Replacement or alternative value.
  • Conservatively speaking.
  • The blue suit.
  • Discovering pain and anguish.
  • The budget builder.
  • Home on the “range.”
  • The 5 probe profit points.

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Time: 3:04

Results-session 7
REVEAL…Your Road to Results

  • When to reveal.
  • The significance of involvement.
  • Activate the senses.
  • Why a product doesn’t “sell” itself.
  • The 5 “reveal” advantages.
  • 12 visual and presentation strategies.
  • Trial questions.
  • The 5 reveal profit points.

Listen now to a brief audio excerpt

Time: 2:04

Results-session 8
TRANSLATE…and Triumph

  • Features vs. benefits.
  • Avoid the “guided tour.”
  • The 6 word profit-phrase.
  • Logic vs. emotion.
  • What it is or what it does.
  • 10 creative ways to express benefits.
  • Your translation check list.
  • Power words.
  • Testimonial endorsements.
  • Toot your horn.
  • The 5 translate profit points.

Listen now to a brief audio excerpt

Time: 3:21

Results-session 9

  • Overcoming reluctance.
  • Reaching agreement.
  • Confrontation vs. cooperation.
  • The formula.
  • 3 proven strategies to combat decision delayers.
  • Negotiate vs. compromise.
  • Value concessions.
  • The “twitch.”
  • Homework, preparation and expectations.
  • 25 negotiation strategies.
  • The 5 negotiation profit points.

Listen now to a brief audio excerpt

Time: 3:03

Results-session 10
Secure THE YES

  • Secure “the yes” not the “close.”
  • Eliminating pressure.
  • A game plan.
  • 8 guidelines to get “the yes.”
  • Trial questions.
  • No need for a script.
  • They said what…or customer camouflage!
  • How to respond to, “I’d like to think it over.”
  • Total satisfaction.
  • Building value.
  • The 5 yes profit points.

Listen now to a brief audio excerpt

Time: 2:14

Results-session 11
Investment Styles & Decision Influencers

  • Billions of differences!
  • The 14 decision influencers.
  • The 4 buyer and behavioral styles.
  • Charmer. Driver. Pacer. Analyzer.
  • Do’s and don’ts.
  • Strategies for success.
  • Things to avoid.
  • Rapport and relationship builders.
  • Flexibility + adaptability = profitability.

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Time: 2:29

Results-session 12
Customer Service & Commitment

  • Why is service so bad?
  • Fallen dinosaurs.
  • The power of P-S-P.
  • Questions to ask.
  • Mission into motion.
  • 10 dimensions of service quality.
  • Your customers’ eyes.
  • Things you never say.
  • 11 things to say.
  • Bill of Rights.
  • Hail the Victor!
  • Seize the Opportunity!
  • Your Path to Profit®!

Listen now to a brief audio excerpt

Time: 2:14

Growth tools:

Opportunity $elling® CDs (audio learning-system)
Stop Whining! Start Selling! (book)
Peak Your Profits (book)
RESULT$ (book and/or CD)
Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny! (book)
Opportunity $elling® (sales quotation book)
Profitable Customer Service (video)
How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals (video)
Behavioral Assessments (Sales, Service & Management)