Referrals: Your Road to Results!

Referrals are an untapped market. Without them, you are innocently bypassing millions of dollars in potential business. They’re leads with virtually no acquisition cost. And all you have to do, is ask!

$230 million dollars in 23 months!

Jeff has helped numerous clients maximize their referral results. Including Banc One generate in 23 months, new referral business of $230 million dollars!

Learn how Jeff helped them achieve these astounding results.

In an interview, when Jeff was asked, “How do most people accept or embrace change?”—he shared Banc One’s phenomenal success.


Major Points / Highlights / Potential Key Focus Areas / What You Learn

  • the secret of third-party testimonials
  • strategies to ask for referrals
  • how to develop a referrals network
  • how to positively leverage a prospect you’re unable to help
  • how to obtain valuable information about a referred lead
  • how to contact and communicate with a referred lead
  • how to “fly the friendly skies” with the four different referral classes:
    1. Economy class
    2. Coach class
    3. Business class and
    4. First class
  • how to help your current customers and clients look like “referral heroes”
  • how to create an on-going referrals pipeline and more…

Read a popular newspaper column by Jeff on this topic: Where Else? When Else?

Results-session formats:

Keynote/general session: 45 – 90 minutes
Workshop: 2 – 7 hours
Seminar: Multiple consecutive days
Coaching & consulting: Multiple days over time, i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.
Learning-system: Multiple days over time, i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.

Alternate titles:

Referral$ = Result$
RESULT$: The Name of the Game
Creating Profits Through People®

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