Relationship Power.

RESULTS! That’s the name of the game for you and your business. And if you’re like me, you don’t like to wait for results. Thankfully, your wait is over. You can now improve, enhance, upgrade or jump-start your business, immediately!   Read more

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Nothing happens ‘til somebody sells something. This strategic and tactical “how-to” program helps sales pros realize everything they touch—can turn to sold!
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


No Snow Job.

This is a customer service story. About the phone company. Yep, I know what you’re already thinking. You’re bracing yourself for a horror story. Another example of mediocrity in motion. Ineptitude personified. Stupidity glorified.   Read more

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Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They pay your salary! You’ll learn how to maximize every customer contact to drive loyalty and profitability.
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


Two Dozen and Two!

A negotiation is an evolutionary process. It changes with the introduction of a new objective or an unexpected decision-maker.   Read more

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As a lawyer and businessperson, Jeff approaches this crucial business skill from both a legal and practical perspective. Your ability to get a “yes” professionally and personally, will influence the course of your life.
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


Where Else? When Else?

While over-the-phone or eyeball-to-eyeball communication are obviously great times to seek referrals, there’s an abundance of opportunities with other methods too.   Read more

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Referrals are an untapped market. Without them, you are innocently bypassing millions of dollars in potential business. They’re leads with virtually no acquisition cost. And all you have to do, is ask!
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


Change: Capsize or Capitalize!

How would you like to predict the future, with the confidence, assurance and knowledge that you’d be right?   Read more

Also see: Change: Capsize or Capitalize
The “old way” may not be the “only way,” since it may blind you to new ideas, solutions and opportunities. Knowing how to handle change can open your floodgates to new levels of prosperity and achievement.
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


A Fish Story!

“Jeff, I’m struggling with my new role, not sure if I’m in sales, marketing, service or constant negotiations. Please help me define who I am and what I do?”   Read more

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The purpose of marketing is simple, to generate results and increase sales. Period! Jeff removes the myths and helps you master the magic!
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


Winston, Wisdom & Winners!

Winston Churchill once declared, “To be a great leader, you must be a scientist, historian and soldier.”   Read more

Also see: Manage, Move & Motivate
Winning managers or leaders—know that to boost quality, productivity and performance—leadership is a verb, not a noun!
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.


Insights from the Outside.

So what do your customers or clients think about you? How you do business? How you meet or exceed expectations? How you distinguish yourself in a competitive marketplace?   Read more

Also see: Creating your own C.A.B. / Customer or Client Advisory Board Programming
This “cab” has nothing to do with transportation, yet it’s all about movement and momentum! If you really want to know what your customers or clients think, ask them! Yet be sure to have Jeff facilitate your road to results—before, during and after your C.A.B.! He’ll help you create an experience that’s meaningful and memorable.
Expanded outline, plus key benefits and outcomes.