Opportunity $elling® – Audio Cuts

Results-session 1
CHANGE: Capsize or Capitalize

Time: 2:25

Results-session 2
Seize the “Opportunity”

Time: 3:13

Results-session 3
Would You Lie Your Way to Success?

Time: 2:02

Results-session 4
OPEN…Your Door to Opportunity

Time: 3:00

Results-session 5
PROBE…Your Path to Profit® • Part 1

Time: 2:53

Results-session 6
PROBE…Your Path to Profit® • Part 2

Time: 3:04

Results-session 7
REVEAL…Your Road to Results

Time: 2:04

Results-session 8
TRANSLATE…and Triumph

Time: 3:21

Results-session 9

Time: 3:03

Results-session 10
Secure THE YES

Time: 2:14

Results-session 11
Investment Styles & Decision Influencers

Time: 2:29

Results-session 12
Customer Service & Commitment

Time: 2:14

RESULT$® – Audio Cuts

Liars are Losers

Time 1:20

Fill Your Pipeline

Time 1:03

Vote for Value

Time 1:28

Open Your Door to Results

a customized audio CD for C.H.I. Overhead Doors

Listen to a brief excerpt from the introduction of Open Your Door to Results, a customized CD Jeff created for the dealers/distributors of C.H.I. Overhead Doors, including interviews with their dealers.

Time 2:01



Your Path to Profit!

Interview: iLearning Global’s Jake Randall interviews Jeff

Listen to six brief excerpts from this interview with Jeff, as he shares success strategies that are meaningful, memorable and most important, immediately implementable!

Jake: “Tell us, how do people compete in a tough economy, what advice do you have?”
Jeff: “One of the interesting things…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 5:02

Jake: “And other strategies to win…”
Jeff: “Here’s another important factor…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:22

Jake: “Tell me about the little r and BIG R…”
Jeff: “It’s really a strategy…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 3:24

Jake: “Why is asking the right questions such a crucial skill…”
Jeff: “There are only three things…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:05

Jake: “What’s the real value of asking great questions…”
Jeff: “Here are questions to adapt and apply…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:33

Jake: “If you could share one more concept to change the way…”
Jeff: “Here are a few things to guide…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 2:51

Your Road to Results!

Interview: To promote a client’s upcoming series of results-sessions Jeff was asked:

How are you a difference maker?
Jeff: “I will never make that claim, however, clients will give their gratitude after…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 1:09

Why should folks attend?
Jeff: “I stress to people, the reasons they’ll attend…are two motivators…”

Listen now to Jeff’s answer

Time: 1:40