Peak Your Profits!®

The Explosive Business-Growth System

Outsell. Outserve. Outmarket. Outnegotiate Your Competition!

Revised & upgraded 5th edition

Peak Your Profits
After decades of testing, research and development, Jeff reveals his explosive business-growth system. Peak Your Profits is unique, because it’s the first bestselling book to collectively focus on the core business-growth skills of sales, marketing, client development, relationship building, service and negotiations. It’s your blueprint for peak profits!

378 pages • 6 x 9 softcover
Publisher: Networlding

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Praise for Peak Your Profits!

“Loaded with ideas and strategies to maximize your profits. Breaking even is over. The time for breaking records is now!”
Jeffrey Gitomer, Author of The Little Red Book of Selling

“This great book will work miracles in your career and your life!”
Og Mandino, Author/Speaker

“Read it. Do it! Pray your competition hasn’t already bought a copy!”
Jim Alland, CEO or President of 3 companies dramatically impacted by Jeff and the strategies of Peak Your Profits

“How to compete and win, while staying honest. Practical, witty and incisive. Jeff gives you a crystal-clear vision for success in all aspects of your life.”
Denis Waitley, Author and Speaker

“Must reading…for getting more business and generating higher profits.”
Brian Tracy, Author/Speaker

“Best explanation of key business success factors I’ve ever seen published. Virtually guarantees you a 10% – 50% improvement within three months or less.”
Jay Abraham, Author and Marketing Guru

“Jeff is a terrific writer with an astute understanding of today’s competitive marketplace. Read his book now, and keep it close by at all times.”
Scott DeGarmo, Former Editor in Chief & Publisher / SUCCESS magazine

“Certain business books are required reading, Jeff’s book is now one of them.”
Roger Dawson, author of Roger Dawson’s Secrets of Power Negotiating

“On-target, fun to read, plus loaded with profitable business strategies.”
Dr. Tony Alessandra • Author of The Platinum Rule and Collaborative Selling

“A powerful guide that helps anyone on their journey to future success.”
Daniel Burrus, Technology Forecaster and Author of Technotrends

“Great strategies, insights and stories. An essential business companion.”
Susan RoAne, Author of How to Work a Room and The Secrets of
Savvy Networking

Table of contents:


Chapter 1 • Willy Loman, Rest in Peace!

Focus 1 • Willy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore!
Focus 2 • The Future is Bright!
Focus 3 • Your System for Success!

Chapter 2 • Change: Capsize or Capitalize!

Focus 4 • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…Here’s the Future, for One and All!
Focus 5 • Change: The Only Constant!
Focus 6 • The Power and Plight of Change.
Focus 7 • Bob Dylan is Right!
Focus 8 • Competing with Intellectual Capital!
Focus 9 • Breaking Barriers and Raising Ceilings!
Focus 10 • Your World of Infinite Possibility!
Focus 11 • On or Beyond the Edge!
Focus 12 • Pictures in Your Eyes!

Chapter 3 • Victory on the VINe! Building Relationships and Value.

Focus 13 • A Vote for Value!
Focus 14 • The Price/Value Relationship.
Focus 15 • Psychic Debt.
Focus 16 • The Discount Dilemma or OUCH Impact!
Focus 17 • Honesty Doesn’t Require a Good Memory!
Focus 18 • Let ‘Em Buy, Not Battle!
Focus 19 • Relationship Power!
Focus 20 • The Relationship-Builder!
Focus 21 • The Value of A Lifetime!
Focus 22 • Value-Investing!

Chapter 4 • Your Unique Selling Proposition.

Focus 23 • Remove the Mystery!
Focus 24 • How to Create Your USP!
Focus 25 • Hoist a Cold One to Results!
Focus 26 • Find the Frustration!
Focus 27 • B&A’s USP and Its Impact on R.O.I. and the B/L!
Focus 28 • And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor!
Focus 29 • Marketing Magic or Let’s Go Fishin’!

Chapter 5 • Your Life and E.T.H.I.C.S.: A Banquet of Consequences!

Focus 30 • A Life. A Lie. A legacy.
Focus 31 • Liars are Losers.
Focus 32 • Integrity for Sale!
Focus 33 • E.T.H.I.C.S.: A Formula for Your Future!
Focus 34 • Money and Morality.

Chapter 6 • Your Business-Growth System. Seize the Opportunity!

Focus 35 • Results! The Name of the Game.
Focus 36 • Listen and Learn!
Focus 37 • Open. Get Comfortable!
Focus 38 • Image Impact!
Focus 39 • The Eyes and Ears Have It!

Chapter 7 • Probe and Prosper!

Focus 40 • He Said. She Said.
Focus 41 • Good-bye to Gab!
Focus 42 • What’s Up Doc?
Focus 43 • A Lesson from Ted Koppel!
Focus 44 • Categorize and Conquer!
Focus 45 • Why Q&A Pays.
Focus 46 • He said, “Sell me!”
Focus 47 • A Tip from Down Under!
Focus 48 • It Isn’t Over ‘til It’s Over!
Focus 49 • The Fairness Doctrine.
Focus 50 • The Best Alternative.
Focus 51 • The Blue Suit.
Focus 52 • Budget Builders.

Chapter 8 • Reveal for Results!

Focus 53 • Ready or Not, Here I Come!
Focus 54 • A Lesson from Childhood.
Focus 55 • Push. Pull. Play and Profit.
Focus 56 • Presentation Power.
Focus 57 • Trial by Jury.

Chapter 9 • Translate and Triumph!

Focus 58 • Is versus Does.
Focus 59 • Speak Your Customer’s Language.
Focus 60 • The Connection.
Focus 61 • No Parrot Problem.
Focus 62 • All In Favor, Say Eye!
Focus 63 • Power Words!
Focus 64 • Toot Your Horn!

Chapter 10 • Negotiation Know-How!

Focus 65 • I’ll Get Back to You.
Focus 66 • A Lesson from Abraham Lincoln.
Focus 67 • Empathy. Understanding. Results!
Focus 68 • Let’s Make A Deal!
Focus 69 • To Get Rich, Use the Twitch!
Focus 70 • Two Dozen and Two!
Focus 71 • We are Different, One and All!
Focus 72 • The Four Styles of Decision-Making.
Focus 73 • “Charm” Your Way to the Bank.
Focus 74 • “Drive” or Get Out of The Way!
Focus 75 • I’m Thinking! I’m Thinking!
Focus 76 • Facts Fascinate! Data Delights!

Chapter 11 • Thumbs Up. Approval. The Yes!

Focus 77 • Confess, You Love The Yes!
Focus 78 • Remove the Pressure.
Focus 79 • Have a Game Plan.
Focus 80 • He Said What?!
Focus 81 • Ask and Isolate.
Focus 82 • Silence May Not Be Golden.
Focus 83 • A Fearsome Foursome.

Chapter 12 • Customer Commitment

Focus 84 • Who pays your salary?
Focus 85 • Valuable Lessons!
Focus 86 • Stay on Track!
Focus 87 • The Top Ten!
Focus 88 • Service Lives!
Focus 89 • The Race is Never Over!
Focus 90 • This Ain’t Chicken Feed!
Focus 91 • I’m Here to S.E.R.V.!
Focus 92 • Remember the Alamo!
Focus 93 • And They Wonder Why They Went Bankrupt!
Focus 94 • A Little Bit Extra!

Chapter 13 • A Profit Potpourri

Focus 95 • According to Our Records.
Focus 96 • What’s Your P/E Ratio?
Focus 97 • Know Your ABC’s.
Focus 98 • Your Action Plan.
Focus 99 • Psyche-Kick Phenomena!
Focus 100 • Fly the Friendly Skies!

Chapter 14 • Your Journey

Focus 101 • A Lesson from a 6-Year Old.

Growth tools:

Opportunity $elling® CDs (audio learning-system)
Stop Whining! Start Selling! (book)
Peak Your Profits (book)
RESULT$ (book and/or CD)
Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny! (book)
Opportunity $elling® (sales quotation book)
Profitable Customer Service (video)
How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals (video)
Behavioral Assessments (Sales, Service & Management)