Programming for Results: In-person and Virtual

Here’s a brief sampling of some of the topics and focus areas offered by Blackman & Associates. Each program, results-session or learning-system—can also include business or personal growth tools, audios and videos, books, train-the-trainer manuals, etc. Also, a topic should never be considered as an “entity” by itself. Many clients like to combine focus areas, to create a total body of knowledge or skill-building—for multi-day results-sessions or a learning-system over time.

Coaching & Consultation

Great winners or achievers share something in common, a coach or a mentor. Even basketball superstar Michael Jordan, had coach Phil Jackson! Together, they won six NBA championships. Now, you too, can take your business and life to new championship levels, with Jeff as your personal success coach.

Creating Your “TV” Telecast

Jeff combines his background and experience as a Hall of Fame speaker, lawyer, author and broadcast personality—to turn the typical panel discussion, symposium or moderated program into a lively, fast-paced information exchange.

Customer Advisory Boards

This “cab” has nothing to do with transportation, yet it’s all about movement and momentum! If you really want to know what your customers or clients think, ask them! Yet be sure to have Jeff facilitate your road to results—before, during and after your C.A.B.! He’ll help you create an experience that’s meaningful and memorable.

Behavioral Assessments

What’s driving current or prospective members of your team? Your salespeople? Service pros? And leaders? What causes them to produce, lead or loaf? What motivates them to attain, or not attain, new levels of success? How valuable would it be, if you had the answers to these questions? Well now you can!

Train-the-Trainer / Licensing / Retainer

Do you already have a team of talented trainers or leaders? If so, then a train-the-trainer solution could be perfect for you, your pros and your culture.

If you’d like to bring Jeff’s proven, profit-producing strategies “in-house,” without always “bringing in” Jeff, licensing can be a powerful solution. It helps you create a unified culture of teamwork and focused results.

Some clients like to know Jeff is always “nearby.” Only a call, an e-mail, a car ride or a flight away…from providing strategic and tactical counsel and guidance.