How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

Turn your dreams into realities. Whether for an individual, team or company, this video learning system shows you how to:

  • become a positive pro-active thinker
  • apply the winning mindset of an Apollo astronaut and an Olympic gold medalist
  • hurdle your belief barriers
  • take meaningful action to assure results
  • plan, prioritize, profit and more…

Packed with powerful visuals, entertaining stories and Jeff’s direct yet friendly style. Ideal for larger group training or personal self-study.

This goals video learning-system was written/hosted by Jeff and published/distributed by JWA Video in 1995. And today, “a few years later,” it’s still a top-seller worldwide. How come? The quality of its valuable content, Jeff’s engaging style and JWA’s unique set-design and high production value, for 1995. If a fine wine increases in value over time… Well, you get the idea! Oh, you might especially enjoy seeing Jeff with fuller and darker hair, on top of his head and above his lip! Get ready to deliver profitable customer service!

Watch “classic cuts” from How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

Bruce Jenner’s Victory Lap
Start Your Journey
The Legend of Apollo 13 Astronaut Jim Lovell

How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

Includes: a 35 minute DVD, CD audio and workbook

Publisher: JWA Video

$129.95 DVD

“Jeff, thank you for helping me achieve my goals. After your program, I am 100% positive I will reach these goals. My wife and I sat down and planned our lives together. We know what we want for ourselves, each other, and our children. We now have focus and a plan. It’s a relief to have this down on paper. Thank you!”

Patrick Vandenberg

Focus areas:

  • The GRASP IT™ goal achievement system.
  • Developing your goals.
  • Dream sheets.
  • Categorizing your dreams and goals:
    • Family Goals
    • Financial Goals
    • Spiritual Goals
    • Recreational Goals
    • Health Goals
    • Business Goals
    • Other Goals
  • Ranking Goals
  • GRASP IT™ Action Plan
  • GRASP IT™ Worksheets
  • These times they are a changin’!
  • You are a goal seeking being!

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How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals (video)
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