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Opportunity $elling® (audio learning-system)

Six audio-CDs or a JumpDrive deliver 51/2 hours of profit-producing strategies. Learn and apply the 6 steps in Jeff’s Opportunity $elling business development system, that’ll help you quickly, ethically anddramatically drive increased results and earnings.

Stop Whining! Start Selling!

100 profit points. 827 growth-strategies. And one giant winner, YOU! Get real-world solutions to drive monstrous results, like a 25% – 50% increase or more in revenue and earnings.

Peak Your Profits

After decades of testing, research and development, Jeff reveals his explosive business-growth system. This is the first book to collectively focus on the core business-growth skills of sales, marketing, client development, relationship building, service and negotiations. It’s your blueprint for peak profits!

New / Upgraded 5th edition


The RESULT$ book and CD are the shot-in-the-arm to guide you to spectacular success. No scholarly-type rhetoric. No long-winded theories. Just fast-paced, street-smart, ethical actions and “proven sales strategies for changing times.”

Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny!

Shape and create your life, exactly the way you want it! Focus your power. Turn knowledge into action. Generate results. For you are a dynamic source of success.

Opportunity $elling®

A strategic and philosophical blockbuster! Salespeople declare it’s “their constant companion-as an on-the-road refresher and mental motivator.” It ignites you, whether you’re beginning your sales career, on your way up, or already on top and want to stay there!

Profitable Customer Service

Strategic service tools to keep your customers from going to the competition. Gives you the edge to win BIG and thrive! Including the four-step SERV™ formula and how to listen for profits.

How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals

Turn your dreams into realities. Whether for an individual, team or company, this video learning system shows you how to become a positive pro-active thinker and even apply the winning mindset of an Apollo astronaut and an Olympic gold medalist.

Growth specials

Combine multiple growth-tools to maximize your results!

Learning Library Special

Opportunity Special

Success System Special

Behavioral Assessments (Sales, Service & Management)

What’s driving current or prospective members of your team? Your salespeople? Service pros? And leaders? What causes them to produce, lead or loaf? What motivates them to attain, or not attain, new levels of success? What direction are they headed? Where do you want their journey to go? How valuable would it be, if you had the answers to these questions? Well now you can!


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