Change: Capsize or Capitalize

The “old way” may not be the “only way,” since it may blind you to new ideas, solutions and opportunities. Knowing how to handle change can open your floodgates to new levels of prosperity and achievement.

Awesome! A wake-up call!

“Awesome! My people and I were blown away with your preparation and delivery. You had a room full of people with limited attention spans and you kept them engaged for four hours. Thanks Jeff!”

Jim Starin
Starin Marketing, Inc.

Other comments included:

“As an old dog, it takes a lot for me to change and you helped me see my way to that.”

“I used probing questions and changed my approach with two dealers who have been a challenge to get in the door to visit. I didn’t say I have the latest and greatest, but had a simple conversation. Both dealers agreed to a visit. I owe these meetings to your training.”

“Aside from the material, it was very valuable to watch Jeff’s presentation style and see such a great example of engaging with people, rather than talking at them. I was inspired by the amount of preparation that went into his learning about our company, our people and what we do. It has motivated me to put more preparation and care into what I do.”

“Refreshing to hear Jeff’s promotion of ethical business. Thanks to Jim and our leadership team, for bringing Jeff to us! Thanks to Jeff for sharing his knowledge!”

Major Points / Highlights / Potential Key Focus Areas / What You Learn

  • 8 ways to manage change—to assure results
  • how “change” in your life, (personal, career, industry) impacts your                                     performance, profitability and happiness
  • how an unconscious evaluation of your life’s experiences—successes or failures—becomes a powerful influencer of future performance
  • how being a “positive and pro-active thinker” enhances your results
  • the value of others who are “outside” your paradigm or comfort zone
  • goal achievement: a 7 step plan for profitability
  • the 8 challenges of change—how to convert awareness to action
  • beyond the box
  • breaking through your belief barriers
  • your world of infinite possibilities
  • how to avoid the “Wizard of Oz” philosophy and more…

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Results-session formats:

Keynote/general session: 45 – 90 minutes
Workshop: 2 – 7 hours
Seminar: Multiple consecutive days
Coaching & consulting: Multiple days over time, i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.
Learning-system: Multiple days over time, i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.

Alternate titles:

The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be!
Change: Fear or Fortune!
Innovate or Abdicate!

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