Shape and create your life, personally and professionally, exactly the way you want it!

Focus your power. Turn knowledge into action. Turn your dreams into realities. Generate results.

For you are a dynamic source of success.

“100% positive I will reach these goals…now have focus and a plan!”

Patrick Vandenberg
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“Within two weeks…I made an additional $20,000!”

Michael Blitstein, CPA and Investment Advisor / Partner • Coleman, Joseph, Blitstein & Stuart
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“My gross income increased by 30%…”

Brad Wuertz, Financial Associate / Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
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What Jeff Means to You:

  • It means Jeff is at your side, to encourage, support, challenge and politely propel you. Your relationship is one of trust and growth.
  • It means Jeff helps you clearly set, achieve and measure your short and long-term goals.
  • It means Jeff will always be honest with you. He may tell you stuff you don’t want to hear, yet you need to hear it. The truth drives your success.
  • It means Jeff will keep you on-target. Headed in the right direction. Focused. Accountable.
  • It means Jeff will be a great listener. Yet not necessarily agree with you. Prepare to be challenged. Yet know, you always have an advocate and advisor in your corner.
  • It means Jeff will give you a fresh and unbiased perspective.
  • It means Jeff will regularly give you new and creative ideas, strategies, approaches and what ifs.
  • It means Jeff will help you communicate more effectively, with the spoken word, written word and the “words” and thoughts you tell yourself.
  • It means Jeff will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then improve.
  • It means Jeff will help you realize, when all is said and done, more should not be said than done. You’re not “compensated” for intent, only results!
  • It means restful nights…because of YOUR IMPROVED LIFE!

Imagine it’s one year from now…
and your goals have been met and exceeded.

How do you feel?

Here’s to your results!

Programming for Your Results:

Opportunity $elling
The Customer Commitment
Negotiating Know How – The Power of “Yes”
Referrals: Your Road to Results
Change: Capsize or Capitalize
Marketing Magic
Manage, Move & Motivate
Creating Your Own “TV” Telecast
Creating Your Own C.A.B. / Customer or Client Advisory Board
Personal Success Coaching
Jeff’s Incredible No-Risk Assurance


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Growth tools:

Opportunity $elling® CDs (audio learning-system)
Stop Whining! Start Selling! (book)
Peak Your Profits (book)
RESULT$ (book and/or CD)
Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny! (book)
Opportunity $elling® (sales quotation book)
Profitable Customer Service (video)
How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals (video)
Behavioral Assessments (Sales, Service & Management)