Creating your own C.A.B. / Customer or Client Advisory Board

This “cab” has nothing to do with transportation, yet it’s all about movement and momentum! If you really want to know what your customers or clients think, ask them! Yet be sure to have Jeff facilitate your road to results—before, during and after your C.A.B.! He’ll help you create an experience that’s meaningful and memorable.

Entertaining and informative!

“Thanks again for your talents and insights with our clients. We’re getting great reviews, due to you. Comments included: ‘The town meeting format was entertaining and informative.’ and ‘Spectacular! Quite possibly, the most useful and educational time ever spent at Andersen.’”

Patrick Gunning
Partner – Arthur Andersen (before the “trouble”)

Read a popular newspaper column by Jeff on this topic: Insights from the Outside.

What ecstatic clients say about their C.A.B. experience with Jeff:

  • deepens and strengthens relationships…creates stronger, long-term customer loyalty
  • Jeff’s facilitation expertise created a safe and unbiased environment, plus his counsel was invaluable…before, during and after
  • allows for open and honest feedback
  • requires us to take meaningful action to best serve our customers
  • we now better know our customers at the personal and professional level
  • being in “listen” mode vs. “sales” mode…may be the best “sale” we ever made
  • gives us the opportunity to identify future trends, product or service offerings, partners, allies, customers, profit centers
  • helps drive revenue for the future
  • provides a forum for new ideas and perspectives
  • discover what’s driving customers’ decisions
  • allows us to hear our customers’ issues, challenges and opinions…which helps us create competitive business solutions
  • helped set the course for a new direction
  • we positioned our company and team members as unique
  • the process helped us create and convey significant value, reducing or eliminating “price” as the factor that drives decisions
  • while the time was focused on results, it was still lively, fast-paced and fun

Results-session formats:

Typically half-day or longer

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Creating Your Own C.A.B. / Customer or Client Advisory Board
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