Creating your own “TV” Telecast

Jeff combines his background as a Hall of Fame speaker, lawyer, author and broadcast personality—to turn the typical panel discussion, symposium or moderated program into a lively, fast-paced information exchange.

Absolute success!

“Outstanding job Jeff! Our users’ conference was an absolute success, thanks to your tremendous contributions with our “TV show.” The positive feedback continues from both our customers and Nielsen associates on the impact of your session. My colleagues weren’t quite sure what to expect. Changing from our “tried and true” panel discussions to a more dynamic and interactive program made a few folks nervous. But given the combination of your exhaustive research into our customers, the wonderful mix of “guests” and your motivating style, these same people are the ones asking if we’re planning to repeat your show next year! It was personally and professionally rewarding to work with you!”

Lori Buss Stillman
former Vice President with the A.C. Nielsen Company and the current Vice President of Research at NACS

Major Points / Highlights / Potential Key Focus Areas / What You Learn

  • Jeff helps you create a TV environment
  • your corporate personnel or association members become “celebrity guests”
  • other participants become your interactive studio audience
  • Jeff becomes the “host” for your “network telecast”
  • your meeting can take on the look, sound and feel of a TV talkshow, complete with commercials and call-ins
  • Jeff stimulates ideas and dialogue—with humor, spontaneity and incisive questioning skills
  • Jeff can be witty and friendly and/or relentless and challenging. The choice is yours! Either way, the results are always the same…profound   success!
  • Jeff helps you turn dull into dynamic!

Results-session formats:

Keynote/general session:         45 – 90 minutes

Alternate titles:

(A “TV talk show title” is created to complement your company or association’s theme.)

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Jeff’s Incredible No-Risk Assurance

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