Your “Can Do” Winning Attitude!

As I travel about the country, helping CEOs, entrepreneurs
and their people grow their businesses, I never know what
cool stuff I’ll find in the halls and on the walls.

Once, I spotted a beautifully framed poster in a Houston office. While the frame was a vibrant, rich cherry, it was the poster’s content that offered the “real riches.” It’s from the Executive Gallery and is titled, “Can-Do Winning Attitudes.”

There are two columns, the “Can’t Do” and the “Can Do.” Each, offers you a choice. A perspective. An attitude for
action or inaction. As you’ll see, the choices you make—will drive your relationships, results and revenue.

Can’t Do: We’ve never done it before
Can Do: We have the opportunity to be first

Can’t Do: It’s too complicated
Can Do: Let’s look at it from a different angle

Can’t Do: We don’t have the resources
Can Do: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Can’t Do: It will never work
Can Do: We’ll give it a try

Can’t Do: There’s not enough time
Can Do: We’ll re-evaluate some priorities

Can’t Do: We already tried it
Can Do: We learned from the experience

Can’t Do: There’s no way it will work
Can Do: We can make it work

Can’t Do: It’s a waste of time
Can Do: Think of the possibilities

Can’t Do: It’s a waste of money
Can Do: The investment will be worth it.

Can’t Do: We’ll cannibalize our own sales
Can Do: We’ll do it before they do

Can’t Do: We don’t have the expertise
Can Do: Let’s network with those who do

Can’t Do: We can’t compete
Can Do: We’ll get a jump on the competition

Can’t Do: Our vendors won’t go for it
Can Do: Let’s show them the opportunities

Can’t Do: It’s good enough
Can Do: There is always room for improvement

Can’t Do: We don’t have enough money
Can Do: Maybe there’s something we can cut

Can’t Do: We’re understaffed
Can Do: We’re a lean, mean machine

Can’t Do: We don’t have enough room
Can Do: Temporary space may be an option

Can’t Do: It will never fly
Can Do: We’ll never know until we try

Can’t Do: We don’t have the equipment
Can Do: Maybe we can sub it out

Can’t Do: It’s not going to be any better
Can Do: We’ll try it one more time

Can’t Do: It can’t be done
Can Do: It will be a challenge

Can’t Do: No one communicates
Can Do: Let’s open the channels

Can’t Do: Isn’t it time to go home?
Can Do: Days go so quickly around here

Can’t Do: I don’t have any idea
Can Do: I’ll come up with some alternatives

Can’t Do: Let somebody else deal with it
Can Do: I’m ready to learn something new

Can’t Do: We’re always changing direction
Can Do: We’re in touch with our customers

Can’t Do: It’s too radical a change
Can Do: Let’s take a chance

Can’t Do: It takes too long for approval
Can Do: We’ll walk it through the system

Can’t Do: Our customers won’t buy it
Can Do: We’ll do better at educating them

Can’t Do: Our company is the wrong size
Can Do: We’re perfect for this project

Can’t Do: It doesn’t fit us
Can Do: We should look at it

Can’t Do: It’s contrary to policy
Can Do: Anything’s possible

Can’t Do: It’s not my job
Can Do: I’ll be glad to take the responsibility

Can’t Do: I can’t
Can Do: I can!

• • • • •

Well, the choice is yours. What type of person are you: Can’t do? Or CAN DO?


Jeff is a Hall of Fame speaker, best selling author, success coach, broadcaster and lawyer. His clients call him a “business-growth specialist.” If you hire speakers, please contact Sheryl Kantor at: 847.998.0688 or [email protected]. And visit to learn more about his other business-growth tools and to subscribe to Jeff’s FREE e-letter, The Results Report. Jeff’s Amazon bestselling books include; Stop Whining! Start Selling!, the 5th edition of Peak Your Profits and the recently published, (December, 2022), BULLSEYE! Hitting Your Targets at Home and at Work, which became a best seller within four days of its release. You can also stay connected with Jeff via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: @BlackmanResults

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