John Puscheck is the President & Owner of Prager Moving & Storage, here in the Chicagoland area. He’s also a terrific guy.

Years ago, I had the privilege to work with John and his talented Prager team.

And John told me something, that has always stuck. So I’ve shared it countless times with clients and audiences throughout the world. Each time I do, folks exclaim, “Jeff, one more time. Slower, want to make sure I get every word.”

When John has a prospect tell him, “John, have heard great things about you and Prager, but we’re not moving our office and I’m not moving my home, so there’s no need for your services.”

John, politely listens and then responds with this burst of brilliance, “That’s okay. I’d rather you know about us and not need us — versus need us and not know about us.”

Whoa! How good is that?!

When you’re attempting to politely persuade and positively influence others—what’s an example of your favorite statement, question or phrase?


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