Jeff Blackman Hits Amazon Bestseller List with new book:

Stop Whining! Start Selling!

Glenview, IL (January 19, 2004) Jeff Blackman achieved Bestseller status at Amazon with his new book, Stop Whining! Start Selling!, hitting #21 on January 13th, 2004. (published by John Wiley & Sons). Jeff created a book that delivers a series of easy-to-implement business-growth strategies to help individuals and businesses of any size generate monstrous results. Some have even reported a 25% to 50% increase or more, in revenue and earnings!

Jeff’s real-world solutions help business leaders, salespeople CEOs, managers, executives and entrepreneurs grow their business, enhance their profits, boost their earnings and improve their life. Quickly. Ethically. Dramatically! According to Blackman, Stop Whining! Start Selling! gives an almost unfair competitive advantage. He explains, “I’ve loaded it with powerful insights and “how-to” success strategies on ethics, sales, marketing, negotiations, service, prospecting, referrals, creativity, time management, goal achievement and more.”

Jeff heads Blackman & Associates, a business-growth firm in Glenview, IL. And he’s tested these principles before tough, cynical audiences, his clients! Which include Fortune 500 companies, closely-held businesses, entrepreneurs, retailers, solo practitioners and associations throughout the world. “They’ve learned how to stop whining, start selling and keep winning,” says Jeff. “They’re generating consistent, profitable, explosive results!”

Jeff Blackman ( is a speaker, author, success coach, broadcaster and lawyer. Since 1982, his positive and profit-producing messages have helped companies around the world maximize results, revenues and profits. As a talk show host, his guests have included Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Ted Koppel and Bruce Jenner. He’s a contributing editor to numerous magazines and newspapers. And he’s also the author of four other books; Opportunity $elling, Peak Your Profits, RESULT$ – Proven Sales Strategies for Changing Times and Carpe A.M. • Carpe P.M. / Seize Your Destiny!