I’m often asked, “Jeff, are there any short cuts to success?” I politely answer, “Nope. None that I know of.” However, you can be on the fast-track to results, if you first embrace some powerful core values or principles—to then convert to practices. classroom kids

This is the kinda stuff I often think about. For I firmly believe, the right beliefs, values and principles, are the greatest influencers of success and achievement.

While what you do is crucial. That’s really a reflection of who you are. And perhaps the best summation of these principles, I found unexpectedly.

Many years ago, my wife and I attended Amanda, (our youngest child’s), first-grade curriculum night. On Amanda’s desk, was a simple sheet, titled: Lifeskills by Susan Kovalik & Associates. It said:

Integrity: To act according to what is right and wrong.

Initiative: To do something because it needs to be done.

Flexibility: The ability to alter plans when necessary.

Perseverance: To keep at it.

Organization: To work in an orderly way.

Sense of humor: To laugh and be playful without hurting others.

Effort: To do your best.

Common sense: To think it through.

Problem-solving: To seek solutions.

Responsibility: To do what is right.

Patience: To wait calmly.

Friendship: To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring.

Curiosity: To investigate and seek understanding.

Cooperation: To work together toward a common goal or purpose.

Caring: To show / feel concern.

Courage: To act according to one’s beliefs.

Kinda funny, ain’t it, the lessons you learn, when you sit at the desk of a six-year-old!


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