What drives you to new heights of success? Is it altruism or capitalism? Is it what you give or what you get? Is it selflessness or selfishness?

Where will your journey take you?

Several years ago, I left my home in the Chicagoland area—for a three-week speaking and book tour throughout New Zealand and Australia. The first leg of this journey took me from Chicago to San Francisco. The man sitting next to me was Al Wilkerson. Had never met him. Will never forget him.

Al told me a story that happened with his three-year-old daughter Alycia, who was flying for the first time.

Al and Alycia had never traveled together before, let alone on an airplane. Alycia couldn’t wait to get to the airport.

And as they strolled through the terminal, Al clutched Alycia’s hand. He sensed her excitement. As they walked down the jetway, her eyes grew bigger. Her heart pounded louder.

Once they boarded, Al took Alycia and plunked her small body into a great big leather seat that surrounded and engulfed her. Then he turned her face to the window—so she could see the world from a new perspective.

As the 747 rolled down the runway, Alycia had a look of fascination and joy. Yet after the plane took off, and started to climb toward 35,000 feet—Al stared at his daughter, as her expression changed. From fascination and glee, to fear and panic.

Alycia kept look looking up and then to him. Up and at him. Up and at him. Until she finally exclaimed, “Daddy, Daddy, when do we hit the ceiling?”

Remember, in life and business—there are no ceilings, no parameters, no boundaries, unless YOU place them there! And when you’re breaking through your own mental boundaries, it’s not called trespassing!

One of my clients has actually placed an eight-inch by eight-inch ceiling tile on the desk of every employee in his company. Emblazoned on each tile are these words:



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