My clients are really smart. And fun! Here’s proof.

Years ago, I had the pleasure to work with Rochelle Jacobson, President of N. Merfish Supply and her team in Houston, Texas. (Rochelle retired as President in 2012. And in 2019, Merfish Pipe & Supply and United Pipe & Steel combined under Merfish Pipe Holdings, an entity majority owned by One Equity Partners.)

Long before Rochelle’s retirement, I received an invitation from her. The following, is verbatim language:

Send-off party Friday!

Please join us in the downstairs conference room to say goodbye to…Status Quo!

Those of you who have been around for a while, know what Status Quo has meant to this place. Through all the ups and downs, Status Quo was always there. So let’s raise a glass Friday, November 3, 2000 and wish Status Quo good luck.

Things just won’t be the same around here.

So how will you say

√ Sayonara to Status Quo

√ Adios to the way it has always been

√ Fuh-ged-about itif you’ve done it that way before

Remember, life and business are a lot like the organic world, you can either wither and die—or grow and prosper!

Toss a fiesta to your future!


Jeff is a Hall of Fame speaker, best selling author, success coach, broadcaster and lawyer. His clients call him a “business-growth specialist.” If you hire speakers, please contact Sheryl Kantor at: 847.998.0688 or [email protected]. And visit jeffblackman.com to learn more about his other business-growth tools and to subscribe to Jeff’s FREE e-letter, The Results Report. Jeff’s Amazon bestselling books include; Stop Whining! Start Selling!, the 5th edition of Peak Your Profits and the recently published, (December, 2022), BULLSEYE! Hitting Your Targets at Home and at Work, which became a best seller within four days of its release. You can also stay connected with Jeff via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: @BlackmanResults

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