Integrity is based upon truth. Oscar Wilde said, “Truth is never pure and rarely simple.” Truth may not be simple, but the complexities of deceit and situational ethics are monumental. The greatest advantage of honesty—is that it doesn’t require a good memory! Version 2

Your word represents your credibility, reputation and character. Integrity is a non-negotiable. Its impact is powerful. It’s good character, good will and good sense.

Buyers might expect you to sit at the bargaining table with a sharpened pencil, laptop computer and savvy negotiation strategy. Yet there should be no need for a lie detector, belief barometer or ethics evaluator.

As an ethical business person or sales pro, you may be perceived as unique. And it’s a valuable, respected and appreciated “unique.”

Just like a diamond is worth more when it’s unique and rare, so are you. You possess a special power, an aura of influence. Your prospects and customers believe in you. They like you. They trust you. And they buy from you—again and again!


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