Several years ago, when I was speaking at a client’s national conference, I had the opportunity to hear another speaker, Lt. Tom Chaby, a Navy Seal. 

Chaby described in vivid detail, the demands of battle and the five-and-a-half days of Seal Hell Week. A grueling test of mind and body. Mental and physical fatigue. Exhaustion. Frustration.

And if a Seal decides, this ain’t for me—he simply rings a bell three times—and makes a D.O.R., a drop-out-request.

However, for those who continue, and succeed, Chaby defined five key success factors:

1. professionalism

2. pride

3. proficiency, meaning smooth is fast

4. accountability and

5. teamwork

Chaby’s “5” applies to the field of battle, as well as, the games of life and business. His themes are simple:

√  Make the right choices.

√  Do the right thing.

√  Refuse to quit.

√ Take action.

√ Accept responsibility.

√ Achieve success with the help of others.


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