I’ve always been a big fan of Jim Brickman; singer, songwriter, pianist and composer. A few years ago, he was appearing at a local music and bookstore for a CD signing and a special in-store performance. piano-keys-1090984_640

That Saturday afternoon, I was one of many Brickman fans who was entertained by his musical talent and witty between-song banter.

When Brickman sought questions, I asked, “What do you want an audience or concert-goer to leave with?”

He replied:

– an emotional, true connection

– an honest and meaningful experience

– an adventure, a new place to visit, a unique moment in their life

– the opportunity to hear a favorite song, that’s like being with an old friend, as well as, hear a new song that creates a new energy

– the chance to leave behind any worries or concerns

Hmmm. Interesting. Also, great goals for any customer experience!


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