Turn fear into fortune

F E A R. Only four letters, yet one of the most powerful words in the English language. Fear can turn the courageous into cowards. The strong into the weak. The powerful into the pitiful.

To fight fear, stare it in the face. Understand it. Respect it. Acknowledge it. But   don’t fall prey to its menacing allure and evil grasp. Turn your trepidation into triumph. Your doubt into desire. Your reluctance into resilience.

Don’t let fear fool you. Be willing to walk to the edge. Climb to a higher step. Pursue the path never taken. Ignore the predictors of doom and gloom. The naysayers. The critics. Opposition is often a clue that you’re on the right track.

See the fear. Focus on it. Then, take action. Stomp on it. Beat it. Whip it. Defeat   it. Destroy it. Emerge victorious. Feel the freedom. Savor your independence. Turn your fear into fortune.

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The preceding is excerpted from Jeff Blackman’s RESULT$: Proven Sales Strategies for Changing Times.

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