Ride the roller coaster!

As a successful sales professional, you’ll experience incredible highs. Exhilaration. Victory. Awards. Recognition. Money. Pride. Achievement. You’re  at the top of your ride. Building momentum. Gaining speed. Soaring toward an infinite sky.

Yet…at times, you may feel as if you’re whipping around unknown curves. Plummeting through darkness. Falling uncontrollably. Doomed for disaster.

Clients and prospects won’t take or return your phone calls. They suddenly have selective memories. And at worst, some lie. Inexplicably, things careen out of  control. And you have no control. The sure-thing, the done-deal, the no-brainer heads south. Your decision-maker who already gave you the “thumbs-up” changes his or her mind, is demoted, fired or even dies! Impossible? Nope. They’ve all happened to me!

So you may ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” Because, nothing happens until somebody sells something! Somebody like you. You make a difference. Selling is a great ride—with far more highs than the unfortunate, but occasional lows. So hop on, enjoy your trip! I’ll meet you at the top.

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The preceding is excerpted from Jeff Blackman’s RESULT$: Proven Sales Strategies for Changing Times.

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