Fill your pipeline.

Always be on the lookout for opportunity. Shake the bushes. Pound the pavement. Circulate to percolate. Constantly search for new prospects, who have problems to solve, needs to fill and dreams to realize.

Serve your current customers with a vengeance. Yet, don’t get comfortable. Comfort and complacency can sneak up and bite you on the behind or whack you on the side of the head. It’s a bottom line boo-boo.

And don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Things change. Instead, be like a farmer. Till the soil. Plant lots of seeds. Nurture them. Grow them. Harvest them. Reap the rewards. Then, plant more seeds. Watch your farm flourish.

Always be observant. Be creative. Be resourceful. Ask for referrals. Sniff for success. Prowl for potential. Find your future.

Forever, fill your pipeline.

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The preceding is excerpted from Jeff Blackman’s RESULT$: Proven Sales Strategies for Changing Times.

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