Passion produces profit!

Passion is mandatory! There must be a fire in your belly, a passion in your gut, a  sense of excitement in your sinew. You must have a missionary zeal, along with a  relentless  pursuit to satisfy your customers, clients and prospects.

Your passion has nothing to do with phony smiles, clever phrases and hanging banners with slogans. It means your ability and desire to compete profitably now and throughout the 21st century.

Passion is burning the midnight oil. It’s going the extra mile. It’s doing the unexpected. Passion is your positive attitude in a world of negativity. It’s finding  the extra fuel when you thought your tank was dry. It’s an unwillingness to accept  second best or “it’s good enough.” Passion, somehow, lets you execute, even  when you’re exhausted. Passion confidently pits you against your toughest competitor—you.

Passion converts suspects into prospects. Prospects into customers. And customers into friends for a lifetime. Passion turns successful salespeople into superstars!

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The preceding is excerpted from Jeff Blackman’s RESULT$: Proven Sales Strategies for Changing Times.

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