A subscriber asks:

Jeff, as much as I try to stay focused, I’m often easily distracted. What do you suggest?


Great question. One we could easily spend hours on. Yet in the interest of brevity, simplicity and ease of execution, here’s a dynamite idea from Rob Baskin, a client and friend, who continually shows me, he’s a very focused guy.

Here’s Rob, in his own words:

My hourglass, is about 16” tall with white sand. When I run it, I commit myself to working on one and only one task for the duration. When in the office, I generally use it one or two times per day, to focus on and knock-off my highest priorities.

If I finish early, I either move on to my next highest priority or use the newly discovered time to return calls, check e-mails, or do a walk-around one of our departments.

The hourglass has also become symbolic of focus time. If someone enters my office for an impromptu visit, my assistant knows the glass is running and tells him or her, I’m in “focus mode.” Generally, visitors are very agreeable, and we visit when focus time is over.

This is a very simplistic idea, yet what I find absolutely amazing, is what can be accomplished in such a short time. I guess that’s the power of focus.

Thanks Rob!

What will you accomplish, in your focus time?


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