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Jeff, really enjoying your Stop Whining! Start Selling! book. My team and I are working on putting its strategies into action. I’m not by nature a salesperson, so cold-calling is my downfall. I’m nervous, hesitant, uncertain, and scared to say the wrong thing. Any ideas?


While you and others are welcome to make cold calls, brrrrr! It gets cold enough in any city, without added chill!

Leverage your current customers for introductions and referrals. Thay already know you, like you, love you and trust you. And they prove it. How? They pay you!

Let’s quickly examine your life: Does your family…

Know you, like you, love you and trust you? Hope you said, “Yes!”

However, would it be fair to say…

YOU GIVE THEM MONEY! That makes it easy for you to be their favorite!

With your clients or customers, not only do they have “affection” for you, they demonstrate it on a regular basis—with a check, P.O., wire transfer or at the cash register.

Master your referral skills and you’ll drive new biz. Quickly, ethically and dramatically! What will you add and earn? New customers. New revenue. New profits. New commissions.

What will you diminish or even delete? Your customer or client acquisition cost! How sweet is that?!

Get to it. Start driving on your referral road to results! And please keep me posted on your “hot” progress.


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