Chapter 1- Willy Loman, Rest in Peace!

“People invest in your ability, to deliver to them…a more favorable future!”
Jeff Blackman

1. Willy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore!

Arthur Miller’s play, Death of a Salesman, shares a slice of life that is rich and poignant. It’s a story filled with emotion and pathos. Its richness lies in the fact that it freezes for all times the image of Willy Loman.

Willy is a classic peddler. He’s a traveling man with only a shoeshine, a smile and a friend in every town. He’s forever optimistic in front of family, friends and associates—certain that big sales will be landed, new territories conquered and greater commissions earned.

And once these are accomplished, he’ll be a great man. A great man in the eyes of his proud family, admiring peers and thankful customers.

Unfortunately, Willy Loman is also a tragic character. His psychic and physical energies are focused on creating the wrong goals, performing the wrong activities and achieving the wrong results.

Willy Loman’s life is filled with anxiety and frustration. He is jealous of others’ success…and confused as to why it isn’t him basking in the business glory. Willy Loman wrongly assumes that success in business can only be realized by who you know—not what you know, and by who you cheat—not who you serve.

Stop this business treadmill…I want to get off

However, Willy is right about one thing, that “business” is extremely competitive. The demands are great. The pressures high. Businesspeople throughout the world often confide in me, saying, “My job has never been tougher,” “The marketplace is changing,” or “I feel like I’m on a treadmill and there’s no off button.”

Have you ever felt the same way? I thought so!

On a daily basis you must be prepared. Prepared to confront the challenges of meeting deadlines, completing paperwork, prospecting, selling, serving, marketing, negotiating and even dealing with rejection.

Is the list of challenges endless? Perhaps. But, guess what? So are the opportunities. Opportunities to penetrate new accounts, serve more customers and make more money.

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