Chapter 1 – Willy Loman, Rest in Peace!

“People invest in your ability, to deliver to them…a more favorable future!”
Jeff Blackman

2. The Future is Bright!

Business, has somehow lost the simplicity that Arthur Miller conveys in his play, Death of a Salesman. The simplicity of Willy Loman’s perception, that a lead, a sales call and a slap-on-the-back lands new business. Today, a businessperson can no longer simply show up, work their territory and depend upon their friends to give them an order.

Running a business, prospecting, selling or serving customers or clients, marketing and negotiating have evolved into an art as well as a science. It’s a new world of business. A world Willy Loman would never recognize.

To be a successful business professional, new skills are required. Customers are more demanding and less forgiving. Professionalism, quality and value are the norm and the expectation, not the exception.

Today’s business pro must be a focused, strategic thinker with an unwavering commitment to serving others. Today’s buyer or decision-maker doesn’t simply want a product or a service, but instead—expects a partner. A consultant. A strategic advisor. Somebody or something that helps grow their business or improve their lifestyle. For each decision-maker, you must be a professional or personal growth specialist. This, is the foundation for your success.

As a winning-business pro, you must listen well, trust your gut instincts, act decisively, and have a thirst for new knowledge.

Slick manipulators won’t survive in today’s competitive marketplace. Today’s business professional must know how to build relationships, gain rapport with prospects, draw out their wants and needs, handle their objections and get favorable decisions.

It’s with that in mind, that I created the Peak Your Profits business-growth system. This system is a logical, organized and methodical approach to dramatic-business growth and profitability.

It’s simple, but practical and results oriented. It is designed for two purposes: 1) to help you market better, sell better and serve your customers or clients better; and 2) to help you make more money!

The name of the game is—results

Whether you’re just beginning your business career, you’re on your way up, or you’re already on top and want to stay there, Peak Your Profits was created to be both a philosophical and strategic powerhouse for your on-going business strength, development and profitability.

What does Peak Your Profits do for you?

It helps you reach new and unprecedented levels of success:

  • To market and penetrate new accounts or industries.
  • To sell and serve more than you ever thought possible.
  • To negotiate like a pro.
  • To seize more opportunities.
  • To realize new freedom and flexibility that comes with enhanced financial success.

And, you’ll have a profound—almost unfair—advantage over your competition.

Now in order for all these great things to happen, you play the crucial role. My role is really pretty simple. I’m the messenger. But you, put the message into motion.

Our focus is more on action than knowledge. Our focus is more on implementation than ideas. Our focus is more on execution than technique. I strongly suggest, unequivocally urge and repeatedly recommend that you concentrate on not just what you’ll learn, discover and soon know, but instead on what you’ll do with your new knowledge. Whether you’re reading in your home, your office or while on an airplane, let me suggest that you read, reread and review these pages repeatedly. Underline. Highlight. Jot notes in the margin. Dog-ear the page corners.

Why? Because repetition leads to recognition. Recognition leads to reinforcement. Reinforcement leads to your understanding or internalization. Internalization leads to action. And all these things added together, leads you to…peak your profits.

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