Vistage, the world’s leading CEO organization…names Jeff Blackman

Fast Track Speaker of the Year!

Vistage is the world’s leading CEO organization, with more than 14,000 members worldwide. Vistage members’ companies generate nearly $300 billion in annual revenues.

(excerpts from the June 5th, 2008 Vistage announcement)

Glenview, IL speaker Jeff Blackman, is the latest recipient of the Vistage Fast Track Speaker Award*…reflecting growing popularity for his high-energy marketing and sales program. Blackman’s first reaction to receiving the award, humor and humbleness.

“When I first found out, I was surprised and thrilled,” he said. “It was far cooler than when I was named Outstanding Camper of the Year in 1967!”

“Recognition and awards are always flattering, yet I unequivocally know, this ain’t a solo journey,” he continued. “So many folks have been incredibly helpful and gracious with invaluable advice and assistance.”

“Jeff is an invaluable resource for us…” said Chair Operations Manager, Elena Vasquez.

Jeff shares his knowledge through his program, Peak Your Profits!”— which helps members understand ways to increase their sales while building loyal relationships.

His advice to other Vistage speakers:

“Be well prepared. Don’t wing it,” he cautioned. “Know it’s about the audience, not you. Be a good listener, not just a great speaker.” He then added, “Deliver meaningful content in a memorable way. Your purpose is simple: help Vistage members attain a more favorable future. Plus, be flexible. Adapt – fast! Be a gracious guest.”

“And at lunch, don’t stuff extra desserts into your pockets. They have a tendency to crumble or melt on the way back to the airport!”

* The Fast Track award is based upon a speaker’s consistently high scores in both content and delivery. (for more information on Vistage, please visit