Profit-Point 1:

Never forget.

Never forget…
People invest in who you are and what you can do for them. One without the other, only assures short-term success.

Never forget…
Your customers, clients and prospects invest in your ability to deliver to them, a more favorable future.

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Profit-Point 2:

World’s fastest strategic lesson.

Where are you?
Where would you like to be?
How would you like to get there?

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Profit-Point 8:

A great eight!

While I always stress the importance of asking others great questions, (see the next Profit Pillar), here are a “great eight” to politely challenge and inspire you:

  1. Let’s imagine, we walk out together, into your future for _____ years. When you look back at that time, what would you have liked to accomplish? (With you? Your family? Your career? Your business?)
  2. If anything in your world or future, could come true, what would that include?
  3. What would you most like to change in your life? How willing are you, to make these changes? When will you make them?
  4. What’s your biggest piece of “unfinished business”…personally? Professionally? What steps will you take to “finish” them?
  5. What brings you the greatest happiness? How are you going to make sure, you have more of that happiness in your life?
  6. What kind of resources could be re-directed to achieve your goals?
  7. What activities, experiences, events or moments, would make your life complete? What steps will you take to make these things happen?
  8. And perhaps, the most challenging question…

What’s the risk of doing nothing?

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Profit-Point 10:

A champion’s vision.

In the Spring of 2000, I consulted with Bill Russell. Russell, is one of the most celebrated athletes in the history of sports. His feats of victory read more like a “believe it or not” tale rather than a resume of remarkable results.

His accomplishments include:

  • 11 NBA (National Basketball Association) World Championships in 13                              seasons with the Boston Celtics
  • NBA Hall of Famer
  • only athlete to ever win two NBA Championships as a player/coach
  • voted one of the top 50 NBA players of all time
  • two NCAA Championships with the University of San Francisco
  • Olympic Gold Medal Winner
  • recognized by HBO as the greatest winner of the 20th century

One of the most interesting stories Russell told me, was about his role as a rebounder.

Russell did more than merely elevate his angular 6’10” body to grab the ball or “wipe the glass” following an opponent’s errant shot. Instead, he turned rebounding into a science.

Russell studied other players. He learned their tendencies. Their shot patterns. Their habits. Especially the bad ones. This analysis gave him an almost unfair competitive advantage.

When an opponent launched a shot, other players followed the ball. Not Russell. Instead, he fought for position in more valuable territory. He was headed to where the ball was going, after it hit the backboard or rim on a missed shot.

This strategy, dogged determination and exhaustive preparation helped Russell become the most prolific rebounder of his time. (He averaged 22.5 per game and led the league in rebounding four times.)

But Russell knew once he had the ball, he had to get rid of it. Fast! His next goal, quickly fling the ball downcourt via an outlet pass to a streaking teammate. With speed and precision, Russell would grab a rebound and hurl a pass up the hardwood.

He wasn’t throwing to a teammate, as much as he was throwing to a spot. A spot a teammate would suddenly fill, so he could dribble to the bucket or pass to another teammate. The result, two more fast break Celtic points.

Throughout a game, Russell would toss a lot of so called “no look or blind passes.” He told me the “blind” pass is a misnomer. Because, “Tossing the ball to a player you can’t see, is dumb!” And Russell ain’t dumb.

When I asked how he perfected the “outlet” pass, he rose before me, extended his long arms in front of his body, spread the fingers on his enormous hands and said, “I worked on and improved my peripheral vision. Every day, I’d slowly extend each hand. A little to the left. A little to the right.”

Eventually, his hands, though extended at his sides like a bird’s awesome wingspan, were still in his line of sight. Just like the court. Just like a streaking open teammate, who would take Russell’s bullet pass in full stride and head for the hoop.

Russell said, “Clear peripheral vision, gives you focus. You have to rid yourself of peripheral opponents.”


  • keep your eyes open for opportunity
  • results require teamwork and time
  • prepare for victory
  • work smart, every day
  • focus
  • develop your strengths
  • see what others don’t see, then take action

“You have to believe you are great. You have to have an air about you. Every time I step on that field, I want to prove I am the best player in the league. I want it more than anybody.”

Brett Favre, quarterback, Green Bay Packers and three-time National Football League Most Valuable Player

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P.I.T. Stop

P Provocative or Playful
I Inspirational or Informational
T Thoughts or Theories

Here comes the bride?

My wife met a woman who recently announced her engagement, but she stressed her wedding wouldn’t happen for at least two years. When my wife asked, “Why?” she exclaimed, “I want to wait, just in case something better comes along!”

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