Chapter 11 – Thumbs Up. Approval. The Yes!

“Every person is the architect of their own fortune.”
Appius Claudius • Roman General and Governor of Cilicia • (53 B.C.)

77. Confess, You Love The Yes.

It’s the most powerful and sought-after word in business development. Your ability to get prospects, customers and clients to say it, has a significant impact upon your future and theirs. Hearing it has numerous benefits. What it means to you is—more satisfied customers, improved self-esteem, enhanced confidence and an increased bank-account.

No matter how it’s said:

  • “We’ve got the green light.”
  • “Let’s move forward.”
  • “Make it happen.”
  • “Let’s do it.”

Or as a new client of mine recently exclaimed, “It’s a go!”—your objective as a peak profiteer is to get your prospects to say The Yes!

In my travels around the world, businesspeople complain to me that “closing” is their greatest downfall. They assure me their inability to “close” is the major contributor to their frustration, anxiety and poor performance. They plead, “Teach us how to close.”

And I wonder why. Because to me, a “close” makes no sense. “Close” is a word of completion, conclusion or termination. Yet as you well know, once your prospect says The Yes, your sale or relationship is just beginning. It’s far from “closed.” Therefore, I won’t teach you how to close. But I will share with you proven and profit-producing strategies to help you repeatedly secure The Yes.

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