Chapter 6 – Your Business-Growth System. Seize the Opportunity!

“Selling has its real fascination in its ability to communicate, persuade and move others to action…and that is an art!”
Jeff Blackman

35. Results! The Name of the Game.

Now, that the philosophy of Peak Your Profits—from both an ethical and value perspective has been established, let’s take a closer look at how the specific steps in the system are used in the business-development process.

Remember, Peak Your Profits is a logical, chronological, methodical and profit-producing approach to business growth. It has helped other business professionals dramatically and quickly increase their revenues, earnings and commissions by 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent or more in less than eight weeks.

How? Because it’s an organized, step-by-step, system for success.

To help you achieve new levels of success, let’s take a look at the six steps of Opportunity (O • P • R • T • N • TY), that are part of the Peak Your Profits system:

  1. Open. Your initial contact with your customer.
  2. Probe. You ask open-ended need-development questions, to determine what problem must be solved, need fulfilled or dream realized.
  3. Reveal. You present the ideas, products and services that best meet those  pre-determined needs discovered in the probe.
  4. Translate. You translate features into benefits—not what your product or  service is, but what it does for your prospect, customer or client.
  5. Negotiate. You overcome objections and solve problems, but always in a win- win, value-driven, integrity-based and non-manipulative environment.
  6. The Yes. You get your prospects, clients or customers to say “yes.”

The Yes is traditionally referred to as the close. But to me, this never made any sense. Why? Because it’s not true!

Something that’s closed is over, done, finished, completed, terminated! And in business development, the close is really just the beginning. Now, you have to do all the things you promised to do. Like provide quality, on-time delivery, efficiency and dependability.

Close is a word of conclusion, not commencement. Therefore, I’ll only share with you proven and profit-producing strategies that help you secure the yes so that you can always keep the door open—for your next opportunity.

Peak Your Profits optimizes your opportunity and likelihood…to get results. Results that help others, while also putting more dollars in your pocket!

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