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September, 2017
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"Every day, we are rehearsing the future." 
 - friend and client, Jim Alland
"Every day, I try to do something for someone else, learn something new, accomplish a challenge, no matter how small and seek an adventure." 
 - Elsa Cremer Kay
"New day, new hopes, new life!"
 - Lailah Gifty Akita

QUESTION: When more than one person, asks me virtually the same question in the same week, that's not an anomaly. It's a troubling trend! So it deserves immediate attention. Especially when, letting it linger or languish—will cost you time, energy, opportunity and money!

I've combined multiple queries from readers to address the following:

"Jeff, per your suggestion and training, I've been practicing my "dynamic dozen" power probe questions with customers and prospects, with very positive results!

Yet something else is happening. As I prepare for appointments, based on what I've learned from a customer or their ops team, my intent or goal—is to leave with an opportunity that'll lead to a sale.

However, I'm having issues, with the customer's issues! It could be a problem with an invoice, a warranty question, product availabiity, our service or a delivery.

I end up leaving the appointment with a task, instead of an opportunity. This isn't the case every time with every customer. But it's happening a lot with customers I should have the most opportunities with.

Jeff, help! Please recommend questions or transition phrases to let customers know I hear them and will address their concern, while still asking for more work."

ANSWER: "Issues" and "opportunities" needn't be mutually exclusive.
To best address the issue, be sure to get all the details and ask the right questions. Then assure your customer, you'll get back with an update or an answer by a specific date and time. (Then call or email, earlier than expected.)

Next, simply and confidently transition or pivot, (IN THE ORIGINAL MEETING—when the issue is first posed), as to how you'll help them, i.e.,...

"I'm glad we'll be able to get an update or resolve (blank), by (date/time). And I was also wondering about your recently announced expansion plans. Tell me more about..."


"Since this is a priority for you, I'll be sure to get you an answer about (blank), on or before (date/time). Earlier, you also mentioned, another important priority is yadda, yadda. What are your goals or desired outcomes for that initiative?"

Use the preceding to inspire you, to create your own transition or pivot phrases, plus your power probes.
When you create them, please send 'em in this direction. Would love to see 'em. And maybe I can even help you make 'em better!

Also, don't be looking for ways, "to ask for more work." Instead, be searching for more ways to help customerrs  attain a more favorable future and improve their condition.

Problem-solving and opportunity pursuing, CAN happen in the same meeting or conversation. Yet only when, you know your plan and commit to it. So don't be sidetracked. Stay committed. Stay focused.
To mix sports metaphors, on occasion, a "curve ball" requires an "audible!"

Want to see how Jeff helped one client drive results?
Please take a peek at this video, where Chris Randall, CEO of Ultra Risk Advisors, talks about Jeff's positive and powerful impact on his team:

One of my great kicks in writing The Results Report, is sharing with you insights from some of the best and brightest minds in the business-world. This month is no different. Yet that's only natural, when your bloodline includes Albert Einstein!

Karen Cortell Reisman and I have been friends for decades. When we see each other, our visits are characterized by Karen's friendly smile, warm embrace and easy laughter. She's a speaker, author, President of Speak for Yourself® and a cousin of Einstein! Plus, Karen knows communication strategies, that'll give you powerful competitive advantages. Immediately!

Jeff Blackman: What are guaranteed ways one can become a more effective speaker/presenter?

Karen Cortell Reisman: To become a dynamic speaker in formal and informal situations, use the C-O-D method:

C is for Content: saying something worth saying

O is for Organization: speaking with a strategy

D is for Delivery: presenting with style and without anxiety

JB: You have very specific "fix-it-tips" to help one better "think-on-their-feet" and avoid being flustered in impromptu situations. Like...

KCR: Use the:

   Pros and cons method: Everything has advantages and disadvantages. State the positives and negatives. Then give a summary sentence.

   Past / present / future context: Perhaps your subject can be divided into what happened in the past, where you are now, and where you hope to be in the future. Then give a summary sentence.

    Point-of-view technique: Discuss your topic, issue or opportunity from various points-of-view, i.e., the goals of your customers, your sales team, your marketing or financial departments, your leaders, or even your competitors. Then give a summary sentence.

JB: Whether it's a speech, sales call, or even a voicemail message, you encourage others to "discard predictability." Meaning...

KCR: Predictability is boring. Discarding predictability is creative. For example, even with an outbound voicemail message:

   Avoid saying, "Wait for the beep..." unless you expect voicemail from another galaxy.

    Alter, "We'll get back to you as soon as possible..." to, "Please let me know a good time to return your call."

    Request the caller leaves their email address, and you give them your website address.

    Keep it short.

And to get creative with a presentation, never start with, "Good morning, my name is...  And I'm going to talk about..." Boring! Instead, begin with a compelling story, powerful quote, intriguing question, startling statistic, or fun audience-engagement activity.

JB: Before we speak, it's important to really listen. What are your tips to become an even better listener?

KCR: First, use these six strategies to be an active listener:

   1. Nod

   2. Smile

   3. Paraphrase

   4. Ask questions

   5. Use good eye contact

   6. Maintain a healthy emotional boundary

Next, use the 65/35 Rule.

Take this advice from one of my CEO clients, Judy, who was extremely well-respected by her 300+ team members, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or age. I asked her, "You're a very effective communicator, what's your secret?" She replied, "I listen 65% of the time, and only talk 35%." She then added, "If I do all the talking, I don't learn as much." Information talks. Wisdom listens.

JB: What role does humor play, in a speech, sale or success?

KCR: When you make people laugh, they listen. When they listen, they pay attention. When they pay attention, they remember you and what you've said.

Humor comes from all around you. It's NOT telling jokes—which can offend ethnic groups, a political party, or a gender. I use self-deprecating humor. I'm the best and safest person to poke fun at! Plus it makes me human, approachable and likable.

Humor is finding the funny stuff, and applying it to your speech, meeting, proposal, conversation, work and life.

JB: How does one convey confidence and trust?

KCR: I love movies. So here are three films that show the must-have-attributes for establishing trust and confidence.

1. Lincoln: Show your knowledge and gravitas.

In this movie and life, Abraham Lincoln epitomizes a sense-of-self and intelligence. So must you.

2. Star Wars: May the force be with you.

You don't need to be an extroverted "cheerleader." Yet your listeners/audience—need to know you care. You must have passion for what you say and do.

3. Your favorite James Bond film: Use 007 flair.

Bond always survives, gets the cool gadgets and the beautiful leading-lady! Plus, he has great posture, a warm smile, attentive eye contact, and looks terrific in his outfits. James Bond conveys confidence, by using nonverbal cues with finesse. When you communicate, do it with a Bond brilliance and grace. With knowledge and gravitas, passion and flair!

JB: We're often proud of family members, yet you're especially proud of and grateful to, your cousin Albert Einstein! Tell us about the relationship/history, the "letters" and the lessons.

KCR: Einstein and my grandmother were cousins, lifelong-friends and gossip-buddies. I've used some of his personal quotes in my presentation, Letters From Einstein. When my parents got married, my mother was admittedly nervous to meet dad's side of the family for the first time, which included cousin Albert!

Yet Einstein made mom comfortable during their visit in Princeton. He shuffled over to her and said, "Anne, I want you to relax and be yourself. I'm a normal human being just like everyone else."

The lesson: when you communicate, get results, grow your business, and accelerate your career—relax and be yourself! For more keepers from Karen, please take a peek at:

Your cup of inspiration,   reflection and laughter!

I've never seen a dazzling Super Bowl performance on a football field in February, and then in August, witness the same star replicate it on a baseball field. Yet that's exactly what happened this year!

On February 5th, in Super Bowl LI, Lady Gaga executed a remarkable halftime show. And then on August 25th, she delivered another memorable concert at Wrigley Field. My wife and I were in attendance with dear friends, Harry and Pam.

Then four days later, my wife and I were back at Wrigley Field, to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. It included a Chicago Cubs victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as, a visit to the Cubs 2016 World Series Championship trophy. (Cub Nation had only been waiting 108 years!)



Is this Chicago driver, like me, declaring their rabid loyalty to the Chicago Cubs? Or are they giving me fair warning how they'll react, if I hit 'em from behind in a fender-bender?!



Over the years, while traveling, I've spent lots of time in cabs, town cars and shuttle buses. However, last month, while working with a client in Indiana and staying at the Sheraton Louisville Riverside Hotel, I had the pleasure to meet, chat and be driven by Frank, the hotel's shuttle bus driver. Not only is Frank a heckuva nice guy, he's also a passionate Chicago Cubs fan! And he's the best-dressed driver I've ever met: Resplendent! Elegant! Striking! Frank belongs on the cover of Dapper Driver!



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Gerry LoDuca President
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