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March, 2018
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"The things we fear most in organizations; fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances—are the primary sources of creativity."
  - Margaret J. Wheatley, Management Consultant
"Greatness is won, not awarded."
  - Guy Kawasaki, How to Drive Your Competition Crazy
"When you compete with a person, you only have to be as good or better than the person to win. If you compete with yourself, there is no limitation to how good you can be."
  - Chin-Ning Chu, speaker and author

"The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get old ones out."   - Dee Hock, Founder and former CEO of Visa


QUESTION: Jeff, how do we change our current customers' opinion of our value?

ANSWER: The mindsets that need to be changed first, are yours and your fellow employees. Every teammate, (and especially leaders), must believe value drives relationships, decisions, results and revenue. NOT price!

We're talking about a culture shift. Characterized by an unequivocal commitment and belief, that it's your expertise, talent and wisdom that attract and keep customers.

Eventually, customers and prospects will realize and learn, if they want it cheap, you ain't the place they'll find it.

If you think you're in a commodity business, selling commodity stuff, YOU and your company are contributing to that perception, because YOU believe it.

Price ain't the place to compete. Don't want to beat-you-up, just kinda shake-you-up!

Does price matter? Sure. But the greatest obstacles associated with a price, an investment or a fee aren't in the minds of buyers, they're in the minds of sellers.

If you don't believe in what you're selling, guess what, neither will anyone else.

If you don't think it's worth it, whatever "it" is, you ain't gonna convince a decision-maker. Your skepticism will be easy to sniff-out. Your hesitation will scream "buyer beware."

You never hear a sales and marketing message that boasts: "You'll pay the lowest price. And our quality stinks and our service is lousy!" Price doesn't eliminate other buying motives. It's merely a decision-influencer, not a decision-driver.

Do you buy, only based upon price? I doubt it.

Take a look at your stuff, personal or professional. Is your home or apartment, the cheapest one you could have bought or rented? Didn't think so. How 'bout your car and clothes? Are you cruising in a Yugo wearing shiny polyester? No again. Hmmm. Not surprising.

You know you've said to yourself at least once, "I should have spent extra bucks to avoid the headaches and hassle of dealing with those bozos!"

The adage "you get what you pay for" is false. Because, you really get more. Like: Pain. Suffering. And frustration.

If YOU don't buy only based upon price, why convince yourself others do. It ain't so. Your prospects, customers or clients want solutions, outcomes, results and improved conditions. And they know, that only happens with value. Value like; your differential competitive advantage. Your knowledge. Expertise. And experience.

A bargain that doesn't deliver, just became expensive. In dollars, time and energy.

Can you negotiate? If you'd like to. But do it with value concessions, not just price concessions. If you think price is your only competitive factor, you're in trouble.

When you sell, don't fall prey to a price battle. Focus on value and cost. Meaning, what's the cost of not using your product or service. Cost and price aren't the same thing. It's your responsibility to show the difference. It's your duty to stress value, payoff and ROI.

As a simple example, every day, folks are gulping down "luxury" cups of coffee. They're not paying for tasty black liquid, frothy white foam or fancy flavoring that ends in a vowel. They're paying for the feeling, emotion and experience that complements the java. It's just "packaged" in a cup.

Decision-makers will pay a premium for value. Especially when that value enhances their lifestyle or their bottom-line. In the home, in the office, in life, in business, value rules.    

Don't find ways to drop your price. Instead, discover and promote what you currently offer or will soon offer, that can't be found elsewhere. Stuff that impacts; service, delivery, design, implementation, training, choices, results, performance, etc.  

To compete effectively and profitably:

Don't merely discount. Create differentiation.

Don't only offer savings. Provide solutions.

Don't simply slash prices. Solve problems.

Understanding cost and delivering value, help both you and your customers or clients prosper.


Want to see how Jeff helped one client drive results?
Please take a peek at this video, where Chris Randall, CEO of Ultra Risk Advisors, talks about Jeff's positive and powerful impact on his team:

For basketball fans, there are no months better than March and early April. Affectionately dubbed March Madness, it's a time with a seemingly endless string of basketball games; the NIT (National Invitational Tournament) for men's basketball, plus the Big Dance - the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association's) tourneys for men and women. And as a bonus, there's your state high school tournaments for the boys and girls.

One could literally watch, hundreds of games. Have you been cancelling appointments and telling folks you'll see 'em in mid-April?!

While it's a time for school spirit, alumni support, community involvement and playing heroics, it's especially fun, when your team keeps winning, surviving, advancing!

Then, fans, journalists, coaches and broadcasters devote hours of discussion and debate to match-ups, playing styles, brackets, upset specials and bold predictions.

One of the best b-ball analyzers and prognosticators is Clark Kellogg. If you're a basketball fan, your immediate reaction is, "Yep, he's good!" If you're not, you'll soon still value his opinions and insights.

In the summer of 2005, Clark and I were speakers on the same program. That gave us the opportunity to chat about lots of stuff. Especially, winning.

That's a topic, Clark knows lots about. As an observer and a participant.

First, some quick background info on Clark. He played his college ball at Ohio State. In 1982, he earned All-Big Ten and Most Valuable Player honors. He then became the Indiana Pacers number one draft pick. He was a unanimous selection to the 1982 NBA All-Rookie Team.

Clark only played five NBA seasons before retiring with chronic knee problems. He had career averages of 18.9 points and 9.6 rebounds per game.

As a broadcaster, he's in his 26th year as a college basketball analyst for the NCAA's Tournament coverage. And for 21 years, Clark was a TV analyst for the NBA's Indiana Pacers broadcasts.

So when it comes to winning, competition and preparation, it's fair to say, Clark is a reputable and credible expert.

The last time I saw him, was on February 25th, 2012. It was about 30 minutes before tipoff at the University of Kansas' Allen Fieldhouse. It was the final time Kansas would meet Missouri, as a conference foe. (Mizzou is now in the SEC or Southeastern Conference.)

I was at the game with our eldest daughter Brittany, at that time, a Kansas senior and a rabid KU basketball fan.

I said, "Brit, that's Clark Kellogg." She asked, "How do you know?" I told her, "Six-foot, seven-inch guys are easy to spot and we know each other!"

As I bellowed-out, "Clark!" he stopped and greeted me with a warm handshake and big smile.

While our conversation that afternoon was brief, I never forgot what he shared with me thirteen years ago. Here are excerpts.

Jeff Blackman: What do all winners have?

Clark Kellogg: Winning starts with an attitude. It's striving for excellence. Wanting to be good. Winners put in the time and energy. It's more than wins and losses, it's how you go about becoming better. It's a desire.

Winners must constantly prioritize. And that's a constant struggle. Because you have to ask yourself: What's important? Where will you invest your time? What will you sacrifice?

Winners know it's a juggling act. And it really never ends. I still wrestle daily with what I need to do vs. what I like to do. Where do I invest my resources?

JB: In the mid to late 80s, you were running up and down the court with some of the greatest NBA players of all time, what was that like?

CK: Going up against the Chicago Bulls' MJ (Michael Jordan) was phenomenal. He was so competitive. His will, skill and determination. When something was at stake, he rose, repeatedly. He took things personally between the lines. Yet his greatness elevated, when he learned to play as a teammate. That's when he really became a winner.

I also bumped heads with Charles Barkley. He had strength, tenacity and the will to make it happen.

However, the greatest winner I ever played with, was Herb Williams at Ohio State and with the Indiana Pacers. He really knew the game and played with energy and passion.

JB: What lessons has basketball taught you about life?

CK: Life's not always fair, but what you put in the wash, comes out in the rinse. We're not all blessed with the same gifts or resources. Yet when you don't win on the "scoreboard," you may still win because you've done your very best. That's as immediate as it gets, even in defeat.

In 1979, in high school, I played for Cleveland's St. Joseph's Academy in the Ohio state championship game. We lost. At Ohio State University in 1980, my teammates and I battled Indiana for the Big Ten championship. We lost. Then, in 1982, we fought Minnesota for the conference crown. We lost again.

Yet, what I learned is, when you compete for the top prize, you have to be ready, with integrity and passion. Then, you can do your best, know you did your best and realize, you may still come up short.

You see Jeff, winners are thought of, in a different light, for when you compete valiantly, there's self-respect and the respect of others.

Yet don't be burdened by expectations, focus on the opportunity to elevate your performance and your teammates. When you're a key cog, your responsibility goes beyond just being ready, i.e., when you're a high draft pick, others have confidence in your ability. Use that confidence, to deliver the right results.

JB: Clark, if we head to the hoop on my driveway, for a spirited game of HORSE, who wins?

CK:  Jeff, I think I could handle you!

(In 2010, Clark played President Obama in a game of POTUS, "President of the United States" and lost!)

So what lessons has Clark taught us?

There are many:

winning starts with an attitude

 • execution must be preceded by planning and prioritization

 • desire and passion must be converted into action

 • pay close attention to your competitors, what can you learn

 • pay close attention to your teammates, how can you help them excel, so you all win

 • study the superstars, what makes them super

 • acknowledge an individual's unique strengths and talents, yet know that teams win championships, (success is never a solo journey)

 • believe in your self, confidence matters

 • be smart, keep moving

 • accept, that on occasion, life ain't fair, stuff happens, you might lose, (yet the key is, what's your next move)

So now, convert this message of March Magic and an Awesome April, into...

a Marvelous May...

a Jammin' June...


To see one more basketball-related story, about another winner, please click below to read this popular blog post about my experience with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban:

Your cup of inspiration,   reflection and laughter!

On March 6th, my wife and I returned to our alma mater, the University of Illinois. What a kick to be a guest speaker for Professor Tom Costello's business communication classes.

Now here's the bizarre part: I spoke in room 213 in Gregory Hall. The same lecture room I sat in, when I was a student! Yet there's one thing confirmed for me. Based upon my interaction with the students, before, during and after my presentation, these kids are smart, enthusiastic and passionate. Our future is in good hands!



I've had lots of comfortable Uber rides all over the U.S. Yet in February, one of my drivers in Little Rock, Arkansas elevated the experience, when he arrived in a Tesla!



When I'm on-the-road, my easy, reliable, go-to dinner decision, is to simply order-in Chinese food. While I never use the little soy sauce packets that accompany a meal, I'm always fascinated by the number of packets sent. So in Schererville, Indiana—for an egg roll appetizer and two entrees, how many packets are required? Apparently, an astounding, 23!



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