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April, 2015
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"Business is a continual dealing with the future. It's an instinctive exercise in foresight."
- Henry Luce

"I long to accomplish a great and noble task. But it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble."
- Helen Keller

"Good family life is never an accident, but always an achievement by those who share it."
- James H.S. Bossard
Bruce Jenner walked into our radio station early. He had a big smile, a warm handshake and a friendly, relaxed demeanor. Bruce was gracious, charming and funny. On-the-air and off. Some guests would only be "on" when the red light was on. Not Jenner. He conveyed the message, "I'm happy to be here!" And following our interview, he even hung around to pose for pictures with me and other members of the WFYR radio team.
It was the 1980s, long before the relentlessly-hyped, headline-grabbing April 24th conversation between Jenner and ABC's Diane Sawyer, seen by 17 million viewers. While frequently promoted as, "The Interview," there was a far more valuable and impactful Bruce Jenner dialogue to me. My interview with him, when Jenner was a guest on my radio talk-show in Chicago, The Connection.
When Jenner and I visited, he wasn't a "reality TV star." In reality though, he was a star. A big one. A celebrity. An Olympic gold medalist. An American hero!
Our focus here, won't be on Jenner's transgender announcement. Instead, it'll be on our conversation thirty years ago. What I learned from him then and have applied for three decades. And what you too can learn from him and apply with remarkable results. If you choose.
Yet there's one thing Jenner said during the ABC commercials to promote his interview with Sawyer I found especially interesting. Because when I heard it, it immediately took me back to our interview.
Jenner said in the ABC TV spots, "My whole life has been getting me ready for this." And I realized, that's quintessential Jenner. Really no different "today" versus three decades ago, with his approach or preparation.
For what I learned then about Bruce Jenner is...
He's a focused, disciplined winner. Jenner knew how to prepare mentally and physically for victory. How to become a world-record-holder and a gold medalist in the grueling Olympic decathlon competition.
As a radio and TV broadcaster, I interviewed many professional athletes who performed at peak or championship levels. And all of them had one thing in common. They visualized their success. Visualization helped them create a mental rehearsal for the real thing.
Yet the most striking example of the power of visualization, is Jenner's. I asked Bruce to tell me about his gold medal and record-setting decathlon victory in Montreal in 1976.
Bruce interrupted me and said, "Jeff, I didn't win the gold in '76, I won it in '72!" I said, "Excuse me?!" And he said, "Let me explain. Jeff you're right, technically I won the gold in 1976 in Montreal, but I really won it in 1972, when I lost in Munich."
He said the victory in Montreal was for the world to witness, but what he called the "victory in '72," was even harder to secure, because it was a victory only within his mind. He told me from the moment he lost in Munich in 1972, he began to rededicate and recommit himself to his goal, the gold medal in the decathlon.
He saw himself victorious every day for the next four years. He saw himself standing on the victor's platform with the gold medal draped around his neck. He saw himself circling Olympic Stadium waving the American flag. Bruce Jenner visualized victory and it became reality.

To see Jenner's story as told by me in an excerpt or "classic cut" from our Vintage Video Vault and my How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals video, please click this YouTube channel, Jeff Blackman's ResultsTV link:

Bruce Jenner's success is a dramatic testament to the impact of visualization. And visualization is also linked to another step in positively programming your belief system. And that's graphic reinforcement or using pictures to help you focus on your dream(s), desired outcome(s) or goal(s).

Bruce Jenner also used this winning strategy. Jenner told me he took a picture of the gold, silver and bronze medalists from the 1972 Olympic games and then altered the picture in a unique way.

He cut out from the picture, the head of the gold medalist. And in its place, he pasted his own face. For the next four years, he stared at a picture showing him, Bruce Jenner, to be the gold medalist. He once again stressed, "Jeff I won the gold in my mind and in that picture, after I lost in Munich in 1972." He added, "I merely went to Montreal in 1976, to pick up a medal I already won!" How's that for a powerful example?

What might your pictures or words of graphic reinforcement be? For your life? Career? Business? If you'd like, here's a fun project.

When I'm conducting goal setting results-sessions, I have participants create goal setting achievement posters or vision boards. They're surrounded by personal photos and lots of magazines. The magazines are a source of inspiration, with articles, words and pictures about successful people or ads promoting products people might like to own.

These images and words can be pasted on to the goals posters. One side or both sides. One poster or more. Within the poster's borders or beyond. No rules! No boundaries! For I stress to folks, "When you're busting beyond your own mental boundaries, it's not called trespassing!"

Graphic reinforcement can be a single picture, or with the goals posters, it can be several pictures. The vision boards tell a story of accomplishment and success at both personal and professional levels.

Clients' posters have included pictures of their dream home, a vacation getaway, a new car, the corporate logo of a prospect they're pursuing, an ideal weight, or words reinforcing their lifestyle or approach to business, i.e., family first, teamwork, persistence, healthy, innovation, imagine what's possible or We can!

Whatever your hopes, dreams and goals are...

See them. Believe them. Pursue them. Realize them. Yet always remember, goals are only realized with a process in place to seek and attain them. And we, as individuals and as a world progress, because we "see" and choose to have a better life.

Here's to your better life, your better business, your better you, as you stand upon your victory stand!

QUESTION: Jeff, have a two-part question: First, you often talk about "perceived value," can you give an example? And second, how can I become an even more effective negotiator?

ANSWER: When it comes to perceived value...

I remember the farmer who had some beautiful yellow tomatoes, but couldn’t sell 'em. They were priced the same as the red tomatoes, but nobody wanted to buy yellow ones. He was stumped.

The yellow tomatoes were big, plump and delicious. He even offered free slices on toothpicks. Folks gobbled 'em up, but still didn't buy.

Then, the farmer was struck by creativity and the power of perception. He put a sign next to the yellow tomatoes that read:


This was true. Yet it was also true of any good tomato.

The farmer also increased the price of the yellow tomatoes. By a dollar a pound. By mid-morning, the yellows sold out!


With a negotiation...

Realize, it's an evolutionary process. It quickly changes with the introduction of a new objective, desired outcome or an unexpected decision-maker.

Therefore, planned spontaneity or preparation, combined with flexibility and creativity are crucial to your success.

While I could literally share hundreds of practical, profit-producing and ethical tips, the following terrific twelve will immediately help you maximize your success and results.

1. Negotiate only with those who have the authority to make a decision.

2. Anticipate and be prepared to make value concessions, not compromises, and only if necessary.

3. Know your objectives, limits and expectations, and don't compromise them.

4. Know your customer's goals, objectives and expectations, and understand them.

5. Identify the strengths of you, your company, your product or service, and always communicate and reiterate them.

6. Look at the big picture, the long-term, not the quick-hit.

7. When the judge rules in your favor, get out of the court! Or said another way, when you get a favorable decision, say thank you and leave!

8. The best time to get something, is when you give something.

9. Be aware of deadlines, (real vs. assumed).

10. Know how to respond to a totally unacceptable offer, either with a question, the twitch - which is physical or auditory disbelief, or silence.

11. Be wary of the decision-maker who appears dumb or says little. It could be a strategic ploy.

12. Be willing to walk away from a bad deal.

Your cup of inspiration, reflection and laughter!


Last year, our youngest daughter Amanda was a freshman at the University of Illinois. My beloved alma mater! So we began a new Daddy/Daughter tradition. I drive 161 miles south on a Sunday, so we can have dinner together. Then on Monday, we go to Amanda's classes. Literally, walking the same steps I walked from 1974 to 1978 and sitting together in the same buildings or even classrooms, I sat in 40 years ago.

Daddy/Daughter day this year, was April 20th. When folks ask me, "Why?" My answer is simple, "It's an excuse to hang with my daughter. We have a ball together!"

Amanda got permission from her three teachers for me to attend their classses. And her statistics professor even posed this question to the class, "Would you want to spend the day going to classes, with a parent?" Kids actually voted electronically with an i-Clickr and overwhelmingly said, "Yes!" Although Amanda claims she was the lone vote of, "Undecided!"



If you're wondering where Darth Vader got his first haircut, apparently the answer is, at a barber shop in Bend, Oregon!



I always admire a healthy ego, especially when one takes the time to stitch their self-confidence on a pillow, and then sell it for $10!

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