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May, 2022
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Stay true to yourself and your vision. Don't let any one person's opinion move you; listen, but be confident.
     - Amanda Kahlow, former CEO & founder, 6Sense
Stick to your true north, build greatness for the long-term.
     - Ruth Porat, CFO, Alphabet
At the end of the day, you're the only one limiting your ability to dream, or to actually execute on your dreams. Don't let yourself get in the way of that.
     - Falon Fatemi, CEO & co-founder, Fireside
Since the quality, sales and service race is never over, it's essential to "win" every transaction, encounter or opportunity with a customer. A "win" can be a sale, a solved problem, a positive impression or simply a willingness to listen.
Customer service requires an attitude and a philosophy. Plus, it must inhabit your culture and your people, as it runs throughout your entire organization.

The preceding two quotes, are excerpts from the new 5th edition of my bestselling, Peak Your Profits. Available on Amazon at:


And thanks to all of you, who helped PYP5 jump to #25 on Amazon.


QUESTION: Typically, in this section of The Results Report, I answer one of your questions. (Which I'll do soon.) Yet first — wanted to ask you a simple question, with profound implications:

Who's the most powerful and influential person in your life?

ANSWER: Okay, I'll confess. It's a trick question. There's only one right answer.


Immediately following a keynote presentation, a participant once asked me, "Jeff, what makes your stuff different from any other speaker I've ever heard?"

My response, perhaps surprised him. I simply said, "You. You make the difference. I'm the messenger, yet YOU get to put the message into motion."

When I speak, (or write), my goals are to challenge, inform, intrigue, educate, inspire and entertain an audience, participant or reader. While it's important each person leaves with an experience they'll long remember, it's more important they attain results they'll always value. That's why I also want to motivate folks—to take action.

And that action, is significantly influenced by what you read. What you hear. And who you listen to. Yet what you do with this knowledge, is up to you. For when it comes to new stuff, you have a "continuum of choice."

Meaning, with new strategies, ideas or approaches, you can ignore or implement them. Erase or embrace them. Or anything in between. The choice is yours.

Remember, information is valuable, yet execution is crucial. You should be compensated for what you do. For what you make happen. NOT, what you intend to do.

In a time-driven economy, you're rewarded for merely punching a clock or logging hours. While in a results-driven economy, you're rewarded for outcomes.

Now, especially, is a time for results!

And that may require new skills, attitudes and behaviors. Plus, practice, rehearsal and repetition.

After all, mastery requires repetition. And…

Repetition leads to recognition.

 Recognition leads to reinforcement.

 Reinforcement leads to internalization.

 Internalization leads to execution.

 And execution leads to results!

In business and life, the name of the game is results!

While it's true, that our lives are significantly influenced by the books we read and the people we meet, the most influential force in your life is YOU!

What will you do to make a difference in your life and the lives of others?


QUESTION: Jeff, do first impressions really matter?

ANSWER: The best way to answer your question, is with a simple, yet powerful story.

One of my clients, Raj, is an extremely successful banker. While in graduate school, Raj helped defray expenses by delivering pizzas. However, he wasn't your typical pizza delivery man.

Raj knew at an early age, the importance of "tangibles" and image. Raj requested and received from his employer, extra shirts and hats with the company's logo.

His strategy was simple: He knew if he looked sharp and presentable, people would likely be more willing to invite him into their home, instead of making him stand outside on the stoop in the cold or rain.

And he also knew, he'd likely receive larger tips and repeat sales.

Raj was right on both accounts.

He even had business cards printed. And guess what happened? Customers would order pizzas and request only Raj deliver them!

Daily, decision-makers are bombarded by countless external stimuli: from travel, work, advertising, the media, social media and your competitors. Many times, these external factors and buying-influencers are analyzed quickly. Buyers make snap judgments and then are off and running, ready to attack the next crisis.

Therefore, you want to make sure every judgment made about your products, services, company, communication and especially you, is positive and favorable.

My friend, communications specialist Lynn Pearl, once told me, "You only have five seconds when you enter a room to make a positive impression. A confident manner characterized by a strong stride, a friendly smile, good posture and a genuine sense of energy commands respect."

Studies have even shown a firm handshake, good eye contact, or simply remembering names are critical business-growth skills.

It may not be fair, but like it or not, you're always being judged by your prospects and customers. Be sure their judgments are in your favor.

Because first impressions really do matter!

• • • • •


The VINe Philosophy!

In this brief interview excerpt, you'll learn about the VINe Philosophy—and how it'll help you drive growth and success, now—and for the long-term!

BlackmanVINePhilosophy video: (2:31)


As a loyal reader, you know we devote space here—to my conversation or interview with an iconic celebrity, bestselling author, award-winning athlete, fellow Hall of Fame speaker or noted business leader.

While reviewing my "interview" archives, quickly realized—since The Results Report began in 2000, there has been a true treasure trove of meaningful messages. Lifetime keepers. Inspirational ideas. And winning strategies—first shared here or even during broadcast interviews from my radio and TV shows.

So in this issue, will feature some selected highlights—that still bring incredible value—to help you drive immediate and long-term results!



Several years ago, I was in Dallas, conducting results-sessions for some of the top financial advisors in the world. The night before I spoke, I attended a reception and dinner, where the featured guest speaker was Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban.

While I'll always value my 1:1 time with Cuban that evening, what I'll never forget, is how he answered a question from the audience: "What's your goal for your team/franchise?" Cuban replied with what I'll label as an unrehearsed burst of brilliance:

"My business really isn't about basketball or for that matter, winning games. My purpose is to create memories, so fans will forever remember their experience at a Mavs game. The next day, I want their throats to still be raw from screaming. Their hands still red from clapping. And their feet still sore from stomping."

That's genius! Cuban is singularly focused on the outcomes, results, benefits, advantages, value and memories his "product" produces.

Of course, he knows the importance of winning, yet it must be in a unique and memorable environment. One that's unforgettable. One that generates positive word-of-mouth. One that helps sell over 17,000 seats per game. Cuban knows memories drive revenue.

What memories are you creating for your customers?



When it comes to successful goal achievement, it requires a target or realization date. Perhaps one of the best examples of a specific target date, was when American president John Fitzgerald Kennedy set the goal for the United States, "That by the end of the 1960s, an American astronaut would be on the moon." Many laughed, and were disbelieving, but astronaut Jim Lovell wasn't one of them.

As a Gemini and Apollo astronaut, Lovell had a remarkable career. His harrowing and courageous experience during his Apollo 13 mission, is told in his best selling book, Lost Moon—which was adapted into a major motion picture and box office hit, Apollo 13, directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks.

Jim Lovell was also a guest on my television talk-show, Insight, where I asked him how he reacted to President Kennedy’s goal. Lovell's response, "Well when we first heard about the objective, we hadn't even flown a man into space and it was can we do it? Kennedy said before the decade is out and that was just about 9 years away. It was quite a challenge for us, but as you know everybody dug in and we finally accomplished it."

I then asked Lovell if the transition to post-NASA life was difficult. He said, "You know when you move on, it's always healthy to set new goals for yourself, don't look back, don't rest on your laurels or what you have done in the past, it's what can you do now!"

What mindset does that require?

Lovell says, "It requires an optimistic mindset, it requires you try to have new adventures, because you know you can’t repeat the old adventure."

Here's a "classic" cut from Jeff's Video Vault—an excerpt from his TV interview with Jim Lovell. (You'll probably recognize the host—who at the time, had more hair and a far bushier mustache!)

BlackmanLovell video: (1:31)



When I reflect back, on eight years as a radio talk show host, on Chicago's WFYR, one of my most memorable guests was the late Mark McCormack, founder and CEO of International Management Group, (IMG)—the sports management conglomerate that represented superstar athletes and celebrities like; Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Derek Jeter, Charles Barkley and model Kate Moss.

Mark also did special projects for Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. Plus, he authored the bestselling, What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School.

During our interview, Mark told me: "One of life's big frustrations, is that people don't do what you want them to do. But if you can control their impressions of you, you can make them want to do, what you want them to do." |

So I'm wondering, how do you get folks to do, what you want them to do?

• • • • •

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Here in Chicago, as spring works its way into summer, am always reminded; our drastic weather fluctuations, falling temps, frigid windchill and rising snow count—are merely  months, minutes or inches away. Which is why we Chicagoans, always prepare for the unexpected "two feet" of snow!



In the battle of high fashion and canine couture, "Who wore it better?" — my younger sister Tammie's dog Sophie — or my mom?!



Always a cherished friend: As a grammar school and high school buddy. Fraternity brother. College roommate. And in life.

In college, if I needed a car, he graciously handed me his keys.

In 1982, he was one of my wedding groomsmen. (And when the car he borrowed for our wedding weekend—his grandfather's new Cadillac—was stolen outside our Chicago hotel, he spent the night in the wedding suite—with me and my new wife of six hours!)

A few years later, I proudly participated at his New Orleans wedding and marriage—to his terrific bride Jackie.

In 1986, when watching our beloved Chicago Bears win Super Bowl XX in the New Orleans Superdome—he sat next to me.

When in New Orleans for a speaking engagement, he'd meet me for lunch, dinner or a visit with Jackie and their three sons. (Even finding time to escape from his law pracrtice—to scoot me to or from the airport.)

Our stories, memories and laughs are numerous. They always make me smile and treasure them.

Though small in stature, he had a GIANT heart.

On February 6th, he unexpectedly died.

Michael "Jimmy" "Beegs" Begoun, my dear friend—will forever miss you. Love you buddy!



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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books—and that's kind of the same thing!
     - Unknown
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