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March, 2020
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It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.
     - Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance
Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.
     - Golda Meir, fourth Prime Minister of Israel
Reputation rise above riches. Trust overshadows greed. Character commands commitment. Honesty reigns supreme.
To drive growth, be willing to bust out of your zone of comfort, security and complacency.
In the absence of a value barometer, your relationship is reduced to a price eliminator!

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Unique challenges require unique solutions. Plus, a positive attitude, with hope and resilience for the future.

Never did I think my vocabulary and conversations with family, friends and clients would include words or phrases like; COVID-19. Corona. Rapidly spreading respiratory virus. Or social distancing.

I can safely state "this time" is unlike any other time ever experienced. A once-in-a-century global pandemic.

The U.S. President declares a "National Emergency." Here in Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker closed ALL schools statewide. And on Sunday, March 15th, he ordered all bars and restaurants to close from Monday night, March 16th until the end of the month. And we're continually told by healthcare experts and the media, "It'll get worse before it gets better." Yikes!

Our lives have changed. For how long? No one really knows. Yet, as my dear friend Frank Bucaro always urges, "Trust the mystery." Tough to do. But still, sound advice.

Hey, I get it—companies, buildings and health centers are on lockdowns. Broadway is dark. Professional sports postponed. College basketball’s "March Madness" is "March Silence." Towns are ghost towns. Communities and yes, even countries are "closed." And the "markets" are a roller-coaster ride.

Personally, my ninety-year-old mom, after a twelve-day hospital stay, was transferred by ambulance to a rehab facility. While she doesn't have coronavirus, we can't see her. The rehab facility is also on lockdown.

And my wife and I now know what it's like to be the parents of a "delayed" bride, as our family prepares to postpone our eldest daughter Brittany's planned April wedding to Rob, for a rescheduled 2020 date.

My late dad would often say, "Life is a series of adjustments."

Together, and I mean all of us, (our global community and national / worldwide healthcare communities), will adjust with smarter, better ways to attack and prevent disease. Stay the course. Stay positive. If necessary, stay home!

Yet realize, this too will pass. Enabling us, to once again step into the present and future, with confidence and strength.


QUESTION: Jeff, these have become challenging times, how do I keep myself and my people motivated, producing results, creating new business, generating profits and taking care of current customers?

ANSWER: Wow, where do I begin? So let's dive-in, fast! First, you're entitled to be concerned. Perhaps, even fearful, frustrated or angry. Don't deny your emotions. Take a deep breath.

And now, get ready to move forward. Because...

To help you now, here are 19 things I know:

1. If you're a leader, LEAD! Your folks are looking to you for guidance, direction, a game plan for the future.

2. If you're a salesperson, SELL! Your customers, clients and prospects still have problems to solve, needs to fill and dreams to realize. So help them achieve the preceding, with your products, services  and solutions. Yet most important, your skills, talent and expertise.

3. If you're a service pro, SERVE! Empathy, compassion, listening and caring are never optional. Especially, in a time of crisis.

4. Control what you can control. Stop worrying about all the other stuff. Worrying is kinda like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but you don't get anywhere!

I'm not oblivious to the online and  newspaper headlines, smartphone notifications or broadcast news teasers. I see 'em. I hear 'em. But I don't control them. And they don't control me. I only control me. You only control you. The "news", "information" and "data" are vitally important. Yet so is, what you choose to do with it.

Each month, I spend lots of time with CEOs, Presidents, leaders, salespeople, business-owners and their teams—speaking, training, coaching and consulting. They too, pay close attention to the local, national and global marketplaces. And this past week, while many I work with are rightfully "concerned" and "uncertain"—thankfully, almost all of them still feel they're in control. For control helps you to examine and then execute.

5. Develop a re-newed commitment, purpose and desire to help your decision-makers. Because if you don't, somebody else will. Your customers and clients rely upon you. Show and assure them—the value of your relationship. And challenge them—to re-think, re-consider and re-examine—how you can help them generate RESULTS!

6. Today, someone is going to land a new client, acquire a new customer, become an even better "rainmaker" or finally get "the yes" they've been seeking for days, weeks, months or years. It might as well be YOU.

7. Ask yourself, "Am I willing to do what I haven't get what I haven't got?"

8. Accept that the future is filled with uncertainty and unknown. Yet what is certain and known, is you can influence your future with your present choices and actions. You can either wallow in misery or wrestle with possibility. It's up to YOU.

9. Now, I ain't talkin' about "blind optimism." That's for fools! They'll continue to commit a financial faux pas, business-blunder or bottom-line boo boo. And then blame others, the economy or the coronavirus.

Winners don't blame others, bury their heads in the sand or spew meaningless rah-rah drivel. They attack with "transparent reality."

Meaning, they identify (on their own  or with the help of others), the specific challenges and obstacles they're confronting. Then they find ways to solve 'em.

10. Be diligent about your expenses. Yet know there's a significant difference between "cost reduction" and "results reduction." Meaning, don't slash a penny if it reduces the quality of your product, service or solution. Or your ability to deliver meaningful, magical, memorable moments. Service drives relationships and revenue.

11. Continue to invest in new technology, innovation and ways to do things better, faster, smarter. Plus, ways for you and your people to get better, faster, smarter. Read books. Listen to podcasts. Watch online videos. Take a class. Train. Coach. Teach. Hire pros or advisors who know stuff, you and your people don't.

Learn. Adapt. Apply. You may now have fewer opportunities to market, sell, persuade, influence and serve. So when you get 'em, you better be ready.

Invest in ongoing education, knowledge and skillbuilding. Your rewards and ROI will be huge. And remember, the "investment in intelligence" is always far less, than the cost of ignorance!

12. Be decisive. Take action. Don't talk. Do! You're not compensated for intent. You're compensated for results.

13. Realize, business-growth is about customer or client acquisition, satisfaction and retention. Always be on the prowl for new folks to help. Yet take great care of current customers. Satisfy them. Even better, make them ecstatic zealots or raving fans. Retain them. It's more profitable!

14. Know value is still a powerful, competitive differentiator. And people will pay you for it. Yet, it's your responsibility to articulate and convey it. Know your value. Make sure others know it too.

15. Don't fall prey to fear. It turns the courageous into cowards. The powerful into the pitiful. If you're fearful, your people, customers and prospects will see it and sniff it. If you're nervous, queasy, uneasy and panicky, so are they!

Hey, I haven't said any of this will be simple. Or without discomfort. Yet, if you want to climb to a higher step or emerge victorious, you may have to pursue a path never taken.

16. Communicate. With clarity and conviction. To your people. Your marketplace. Your customers, clients and prospects. Tell 'em what you're going to do. How you're going to do it. And then tell 'em again.

Define expectations. Let them be known. Seek and get clarification. Understanding. Commitment.

Silence breeds misinformation, gossip, rumors and innuendo. They lead you astray. This is a time for focus and discipline.

17. Create a calendar for results. A deadline for deliverables. You'll do what—by when—for whom.

18. Ask yourself, "What can I do today, that would have an immediate, positive and profitable impact on my business?" And will you do it: Repeatedly? Consistently?

19. Believe. If you don't, nobody else will. While it's true, tough times call for tough people, those who are tough—are among the best prepared, best trained and best believers.

The best example I know of, is the amazing, dramatic and stunningly spectacular performance of Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger III, pilot of US Airways flight 1549, who on January 15th, 2009 successfully ditched or "landed" in New York's Hudson River.

Have you heard the cockpit recordings? Remarkable. His voice, calm. Controlled. Decisive.

Did he know the risks? The potential for failure? Of course. Was he thinking about them? Apparently not.

When "Sully" was asked by then CBS television-news anchor Katie Couric, "If he was afraid of not making it..." he answered, "No, I knew I could do it."

Because he knew he could do it, 155 lives were saved. (Five crew and 150 passengers. Plus, imagine the number of lives saved on-the-ground in New York City.)

To "Sully"—the Hudson was THE viable choice. The alternative with the greatest likelihood for success. It was no longer a river. It became a liquid tarmac. Yet, once again, he KNEW he could do it.

With what's before you...

Can you do it?

I know, you know...

That YOU too...


• • • • •
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Chicago's O'Hare Airport is my "home" airport. So for decades, it has been a reliable source of amusement and humor. However, a recent walk through United's Terminal B, provided unexpected entertainment. As I glanced to my right, I noticed:

And then, not more than 25 steps further, spotted the following, which may be the ultimate definition of truth in adveritsing with "extraordinary" irony:

Which caused me to immediately wonder: What happens to its contents? And is the dude who empties the box, named Cheech or Chong?!



Spotted in my older sister Linda's Florida home:

This explains so much...about my childhood!



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