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February, 2022
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Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.
     - Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels
If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.
     - Jim Rohn, entrepreneur, author, speaker
Decide...whether or not the goal is worth the risk involved. If it is, stop worrying.
     - Amelia Earhart, aviation pioneer and author
Remember, when it comes to customers or clients, a successful business always requires three basic business tenets: 1. Acquisition. 2. Satisfaction. 3. Retention. Even the "mighty" can't ignore these.
When your decision-makers perceive they're part of a cooperative, problem-solving, results-producing scenario, they'll be willing to work with you, not against you.
Business development is a reflection of perceived value, not actual value. Always deliver more in perceived value, than you take in actual cash value.

The preceding three quotes, are excerpts from the new 5th edition of my bestselling, Peak Your Profits. Available on Amazon at:


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QUESTION: Jeff, what's a simple, yet proven and powerful business-development strategy, that's often overlooked?


Intriguing question. So here's a tip from down under!

Australians have introduced us to; Crocodile Dundee, shrimp on the barbie and vege-mite sandwiches. However, they're especially proud of their native invention, the boomerang!

What happens when you toss a boomerang?

Yep, it comes right back to you. This action, also makes the "boomerang" a potent and powerful business-growth strategy.

How would you respond to some body who asks, "Is that a popular selling product?" If you're like most businesspeople, you'd probably state in a confident and commanding voice, "You bet it's popular, one of our best sellers!" Their retort, "Oh, that's too bad. I wanted something really special and unique! Something my friends don't have!"

You're sunk! And it's unlikely you'll recover.

However, let's examine this same scenario with the use of the "boomerang."

When your customer inquires, "Is that a popular selling product?" Your response should be, "Is popularity important to you?" or "Are you looking for something that many others have?" or "Do you want something unique?"

When your customer now indicates his or her desire for that "one-of-a-kind" or unique product, you continue to probe, to uncover what "one-of-a-kind" means, what the customer envisions or hopes to accomplish.

The boomerang gets your decision-maker logically and emotionally involved.

The "boomerang" applies to a variety of situations. For example, how would you now respond to somebody who inquires:

"How often will I hear from you?" ("How often would you like to hear from me?")

"What type of warranty do you have?" ("What type are you most interested in?")

"Are there others I can talk to, who you have helped?" ("Absolutely. How many would you like to contact?")

Now I know what you're thinking, this is a drawn-out and repetitive approach. Sure, it requires another question, yet it's a question that elicits a response from your customer's perspective.

There's a big difference between you saying, "This strategy or solution offers...," and your prospect or customer stating, "I need a strategy that does..."

Toss it one more time.

I'll never forget a conversation I had with the President of a large and successful insurance agency. During our first meeting he asked, "Jeff, who on my team should attend your series of skill-building programs?"

I said, "Well, there are a couple of possibilities..."

I then interrupted myself and said, "Milt, who do you think should be there and would benefit the most?"

He replied, "I want the rookies to show up, because they're young, hungry and excited. They're the new blood, our future. But I also want the veterans there. They're smart, still competitive and they've got great war stories to tell!"

I told Milt that made a lot of sense.

He then asked "Jeff, what do we highlight first?" I paused, glanced at my notes, in a moment of reflection looked up and said, "Hmm, Milt, what do you think we should highlight first?"

He told me. For the next 5 minutes!

Then he asked, "Jeff, if there's one skill you think is important for my people to master as a result of your sessions, what would that be?"

I pondered his question and thoughtfully replied, "Milt, that depends. What would you like it to be?"

He then made an emphatic statement I'll never forget, "Jeff, I'd consider this program to be an incredible success, if my people could just learn how to answer a question with a question!"

I smiled and said, "Milt, why is that skill so important to you?"

And of course, he told me!

I had repeatedly, yet politely, "boomeranged" Milt. But why was he willing to always respond?

Simple. He was logically and emotionally involved. He knew the motivation for my words and questions was to help, not to harass. They were designed to discover, not to disturb.

• • • • •



In this brief interview excerpt, you'll learn proven strategies—to effectively, confidently and successfully turn objections and decision-delayers, into results!

BlackmanOvercomingObjections video: (2:00)


Over the decades, I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with and help, lots of bright, wonderful people—in varied businesses and industries. However, there are frequent commonalities.

Seems like, almost weekly, a client, (whether they’re in manufacturing, distribution, professional services, etc.) exclaims, “Hey Jeff, please take a peek at our proposals, they need upgrades and improvements.” And then, that request is often followed by, so help me, “Jeff, so many crazy things happen in this business, I oughta write a book! Can I pick your brain?”

It’s always a kick, when I’m able to dive into both of these topics and help others see the possibilities. Yet, when I’m also able to share here, the insights of a really smart friend, who literally has written a book on proposal-brilliance and is one of the most prolific authors in the world, well...

YOU are the lucky beneficiary!

Dianna Booher is remarkably talented. She has written 49 books, on; sales presentations, proposals, strategic writing, successful meetings, lead-generation and other business topics. Plus, she’s the founder and leader of the Booher Book Camp.

Although we only see each other at industry-related events, it’s always fun to visit with Dianna. To learn from her—and to kid her!

When Dianna and I are on an elevator, before we exit, I’ll ask, “So, we rode eighteen floors together, did you just finish another book?!”

Recently, Dianna and I had a terrific conversation, about family, business, proposal-writing and book publishing. While her answers to my questions—have obvious and immediate application to your written proposals, pay close attention to her language and strategies. And you’ll also discover, how they can easily be adapted to oral in-person or virtual presentations and proposals. (And as an added bonus, Dianna can help you become a published author!)

Jeff Blackman: How do you convey “confidence” in a proposal, or what we call, an action plan or growth game plan?

Dianna Booher: Specificity creates credibility. Vagueness produces doubt. Be specific about your track record, what exactly you’ve done, for whom and with what results. Be specific about results you can achieve for the prospect and by when. Be specific when you cite references or testimonials—and with biographies you include. Win with facts and certifiable results.

JB: What’s irresistible language?

DB: The bigger question is: what NOT to include. These weasel words scream, “I’m guessing!”

- Will attempt to...

- In most cases...

- Typical results include...

- Will make every effort to...

- Not an implied guarantee...

- Dependent on X, Y, and Z...over which we have no control.

JB: What then, are sure-fire strategies?

DB: Streamline your proposal to one key strategy and only one secondary strategy. You can’t be all things to all buyers.

Basically, you have only six strategies:

1. Your product/service is the best.

2. Your management of the project/sale is best.

3. Your technical expertise is the best.

4. Your customer service/training is the best.

5. Your pricing is best.

6. You’re better than competitors.

Decide which is your key selling point(s) and drive that home on every page, in every way. Think TV commercials. Each ad doesn’t make ten key points.

JB: How do you avoid/eliminate “proposal purgatory” i.e., the action plan is “sitting on their desk” and “awaiting a decision”?

DB: Leave action in your hands: Suggest the next action YOU will take. For example:

- you’ll arrange a demo with a current client, so the prospect can see your product in action or

- you’ll interview some of the prospect’s key people to collect data crucial to the project’s successful execution

Also consider:

- statements like; “the offer, investment is good for X days”

- raising concerns about what might be jeopardized, if the project or decision is delayed {Jeff’s addition: I encourage our clients to ask, “What’s the risk of doing nothing?” or “How might time become your enemy, if you choose to delay/wait?”}

JB: What are common proposal mistakes? (How can they be avoided?)

DB: Here are five.

MISTAKE 1: No Strategy.

The most important feature should be your theme or strategy, which is developed and repeated:

- Why should the decision-maker pick you over others?

- Do you have the best design?

- Do you have the best trained technicians?

- Do you have the latest technology, equipment or information?

- Can you do it faster than competitors? Stress key overriding themes, with your capabilities and expertise.

MISTAKE 2:  Failure to Show Adequate Understanding of the Problem.

Don’t have all the answers, before you hear their questions. A necessary part of your job is to communicate to the reader/listener a full understanding of the problem or objective, so he or she will be convinced your solution is the right one. {Jeff’s addition: I encourage clients to focus on the results / benefits / advantages / outcomes — their solution delivers.}

MISTAKE 3: Answers to the Wrong Problems.

Make sure you investigate a decision-maker’s stated needs or wants. What an RFP states and what can be gleaned from a discussion with the buyer, may be vastly different. Many, including me, have learned this tough truth.

Once, we received a request to propose a training program, that already included a detailed course outline. Because there were several spots for improvements, we called the prospect and asked if the topics were firmly set. We were told, “Yes. That’s exactly what we want. Our VPs and technical experts have signed-off on that outline.”

So we developed our proposal to focus on the outline. It was rejected. The prospect’s explanation, “The winning proposer completely scrapped our course outline. What he suggested made more sense, and we’re really excited about the changes.”

You too, must discover the differences between stated needs and real needs, yet only by uncovering discrepancies. Give clients what they need, but be sure to discover their real needs. {Jeff’s addition: Your role isn’t to merely appease and please. It’s to challenge your decision-maker—to help them reconsider, reexamine and rethink. This, also generates respect!}

MISTAKE 4: Extravagant Claims.

Readers raise eyebrows when individuals and their organizations claim to have expertise in everything.

Avoid hype, like:

- “the most extensive”

- “the most authoritative”

- “unequaled”

- “the undisputed leader”

Overstatement produces skepticism. Instead of hyperbole, include; published articles, survey results, test data, testimonial letters or videos, sample products, or whatever proof supports your claims.

MISTAKE 5:  No Memory Aids.

By the time a decision-maker reviews several proposals, disorientation sets in, i.e., “Which proposal-writer claims to be able to do what, why, where, when, how, and at what cost?”

Don’t assume your reader will be as eager to work at understanding and remembering your key points as you are. Provide help with; overview statements, defined sections, summary blurbs, informative headings, and where appropriate—high-impact graphics with full captions.

JB: How do you use a proposal or action plan, to position a relationship, not just a project or an assignment?

DB: Proposals should identify you as a key player. If not for this project, then the next one. Emphasize your credentials, expertise and successful solutions. Always position yourself as a trusted advisor. {Jeff’s addition: When trust is high, fear is low!}

If you “win” this one, great. If not, keep the door open with friendly questions like; “How can we meet your needs better next time?” or “What suggestions can you make, to help us help you, next time?”

JB: Dianna, let’s shift topics, as the author of 49 books, with over 4 million copies sold, what are the most important publishing lessons you’ve learned?


• Writing and publishing a book is THE best way to establish your credentials and market yourself. More than 82% of my clients for the past 36 years have come to me because of my published books—and those clients have been Fortune 500 companies.

• A published book opens doors to executive offices.

• Prospects don’t throw away books. They remain on their shelves indefinitely. I’ve had clients call me back for repeat business and referrals 30 years after initial contact and work.

• Authorship creates credibility, gains media attention for you, your product or service, and enhances your brand—plus, earns you passive income.

JB: How do you get started?

DB: Decide where you excel. What do you know first-hand? Do you have a key skill or process others need to know? Do you have access to data, studies, results that add to industry knowledge? What experience or lessons can others learn from you?

JB: How does one create differentiation and value?

DB: You have to differentiate in one of the following ways:

• What’s your new angle on the topic?

• Can you write about the topic in a shorter format?

• Can you do the comprehensive book, so readers don’t have to buy seven books from other authors to cover all the bases?

• Can you write about the topic for a different audience?

• Can you write about a technical topic, but for a lay audience?

• Can you write about the topic in a broader way so it applies to all industries?

• Can you narrow the topic to one specific aspect, no one has tackled before and go deep?

JB: What are the qualities of a bestseller?

DB: A “grabber” title. A broadly appealing topic. A great cover. A table of contents that tells and sells. A great distribution system. An attractive internal format. A promotable author with a platform.

For more of Dianna’s winning ways, take a peek at:

And if you’re ready to write your bestseller, be sure to see info on Dianna’s next book camp:

• • • • •

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Your cup of inspiration,   reflection and laughter!


On a daily basis, my 92-year-old mom Sallie faces multiple medical challenges. Yet, my family and I set or “commanded” her to achieve a goal—attend our daughter Brittany and her husband Rob’s wedding celebration on September 18th, 2021. (The kids were actually married on the rooftop of their Chicago condo in April, 2020—after we cancelled their “first party” due to COVID.) However, my wife and I, Rob’s parents, family and friends watched on Zoom.

To encourage mom, positive affirmations were taped to her wall at the skilled nursing facility:

“Every day, I get better and stronger!”

“On September 18th, I’ll be partying at Brittany and Rob’s wedding celebration!”

“During therapy, I kick butt!”

That Saturday afternoon, mom started her 30 mile trek from Riverwoods, Illinois to downtown Chicago—with the help of a MediCar transport, nurse, caregiver and three Oxygen tanks! Yet, her most memorable “trip”—was being pushed down the aisle by our son Chad and our youngest daughter Amanda. Way to go mom! You kicked butt and made it! We love you!



Over the years, I’ve had lots of “titles” in my life. Yet now, treasure a new one, “FOB: Father of the Bride.” Photographer Cassie Anna captured this wonderful laughter-filled, indelible moment during our “Daddy/Daughter Dance.”

BT LYL D (Brittany Taylor, Love YOU Lots! Dad)



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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books—and that's kind of the same thing!
     - Unknown
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