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December, 2023
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Do what you believe, because if you do what someone else believes and you fail, you got nothing. But if you do what you believe and you fail, you still have hope.
     - Geddy Lee / Canadian musician, lead vocalist, bassist & keyboardist for the rock group Rush
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.
     - Theodor Seuss Geisel / author & cartoonist, from Oh, the Places You'll Go
The road to success is always under construction.
     - Lily Tomlin / actress & comedian
Whether your company is young and growing, established and secure, large or small, your commitment to service is crucial. Why? Because with it, you boost retention and profitability. Without it, you jeopardize your future. Probably even your existence!

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BULLSEYE! Hitting Your Targets at Home and at Work

It was released December 2nd, 2022—and four days later, achieved Best Seller status in multiple Amazon book categories. Including Hot New Releases:

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QUESTION: Hey Jeff, missed your messages, where you been?

ANSWER: The past 10+ months have been a wild, unpredictable ride. It's the most challenging personal, professional and medical odyssey I've ever been on. Doctors really get your attention, when stating, "Jeff, we'll do everything we can, to save your right eye."

And it's really eerie, when that message is also ironic.

In December 2022—my sixth bestseller was published, BULLSEYE!  The book's title and its foundation story—share an experience I had as a teenager on a memorable trip with my dad. It's about a blind man who miraculously throws a softball to hit a target's bullseye on a dunk tank.

Less than six weeks after BULLSEYE's release, my vision was now in jeopardy.

The lessons learned from that blind man, as well as others featured in the book, like my personal experiences with Mark Cuban, Caitlyn Jenner and other top-achievers—became even more relevant and applicable to my life. Especially this year.

I've struggled with, whether I should share my story. Because it's likely—you, a friend or loved one has suffered or is suffering a far tougher plight. So it's my hope, my ongoing journey will help you and others best manage or cope with—life's unexpected, serious obstacles.

It's written with support, encouragement and love. With the intent to simply help or offer guidance. Yet also share valuable lessons learned.

• • • • •

In January, contracted a rare, nasty Fusarium fungal mold infection in my right eye. It led this year to...

Daily pain and discomfort from January 13th thru mid-June.

Three corneal transplants.

 Since February, thirteen additional surgeries or procedures.

 Ten different eye drops, plus numerous oral medications—designed to manage pain, swelling, scarring and headaches. (The combination of meds created serious side effects; fatigue, loss of my voice and precipitous weight loss.)

 Since January, have had more than 100 doctors' visits—stopped counting at 100.

 Since January, cancelled more than 30 speaking engagements—stopped counting at 30.

 In mid-June the pain stopped. Began to travel again for speaking engagements. Yea!

 Travel lasted 'til early August, when pain returned. Two more surgeries in August. (As of this writing, no pain. No infection. Can travel again. Yet vision remains at only 5 to 10%.)

Lessons learned:

In the past, have had other eye issues: retinal detachment surgery, both eyes. Cataract surgery, both eyes. These were easy-peasy: Problem. Timeline. Solution.

Not this time. It was constant unknowns.

Family, friends and clients encouraged me to: Hang in. Push on. Keep the faith. Believe. Be strong.

It's easy to dismiss these urgings as shallow. Hollow. Meaningless. They're not. They provided a positive outlook toward the future.

 Tears, whether induced by pain or emotion, are valid, justifiable and acceptable human responses. Don't bury how you feel.

 In my personal or professional life, always felt as if I was in "control". My choices and behaviors would influence the outcome. Now, I had no influence.

Although I'm an optimist, learned science doesn't care about optimism. It cares only about facts and experimentation. What might work. While I was an eager participant, often felt like a mere observer vs. an active contributor. Yet, as my dear friend Frank Bucaro says, "Trust the mystery."

 Healing takes time. Especially when the facts keep changing. Be grateful vs. resentful to solution evolution.

 Develop a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for the simple things in life—that bring you joy, or make you smile or laugh.

 Be patient with others. They're checking-in because they care.

 If possible, have a support- or care-partner. Thankfully, that was my wife Sheryl. She had a long, successful healthcare career as an occupational therapist. Never did we expect—that now, I'd be the recipient of her care.

Don't go it alone. No need to plant your stubborn flag on isolation island.

 When my wife was the "Drops Diva"—after she'd instill the final set of eye drops at the end of a day, she'd lean in, kiss me above my eye and softly say, "One day closer."

Whatever you’re battling...

May your problem-management or eventual solution, also day closer!



QUESTION: Jeff, we often hear, "The customer is always right!" Well, what if they're NOT?

ANSWER: On a regular basis, I strongly suggest, unequivocally urge and repeatedly recommend to clients—that their role with customers, (internal and external), isn't merely to please and appease.

Yet instead, to "challenge" with thought-provoking pushback. Not to create conflict. But to posit possibilities. Enabling one to reconsider, reexamine and rethink—how they do—what they do—and why they do it.

Perhaps, in a "transactional" environment, the "customer" might always, "be right". However, in a long-term and far more profitable "annuitized" relationship—a different set of skills and behaviors are required. I always remind clients, "Vendors are expendable. Partners are invaluable."

When I was chatting with a client, Scott Erickson, the CTO of Harbor Foods, he said something fascinating:

"Innovation doesn't happen in a democracy!"

Whoa! How good is that?

His point: breakthroughs probably don't happen with head-nodding, consensus and people-pleasing. They require bold, innovative, courageous thinking.

Lots of challenging questions, what-if scenarios and wouldn't it be cool possibilities.

One of the greatest professional compliments I ever received, came from a CEO with whom I had a long-term relationship—with him and his company. He once exclaimed, "Blackman, what I love most about our relationship, is you never protect your butt, and you never kiss mine!"

He knew I'd always give it to him straight—with a question, a statement or a consideration. He told me, "It may not be what I want to hear, but it's what I need to hear."

When you're working with folks, (internal or external), who value your perspective or experience (even if it's different than theirs)—and there's mutual respect, appreciation and trust—the possibilities and outcomes could be...

Limitless. Exciting. And powerful success-forces for growth.

Embrace: Candor vs. caution. Truth vs. timidity. Honesty vs. hesitancy.

Plus, also remember: When trust is high. Fear is low.

What do you think?

• • • • •



If you'd like to see Jeff tell the bullseye story, that's the inspiration for his latest best selling book: BULLSEYE! Hitting Your Targets at Home and at Work, please go to ResultsTV and his Vintage Video Vault at:


then click on this "Classic Cut" — Staying on Target

You might especially enjoy—seeing Jeff with fuller and darker hair, on top of his head and above his lip!


As we get ready to start a new year, folks are always in search of a "new" happiness. It's a topic, amongst others—I once addressed with fellow author and speaker, Brian Tracy, on my TV talk-show INSIGHT.

Here are brief excerpts:

Jeff Blackman: What is foremost on the minds of people you meet?

Brian Tracy: The common denominator is, we want to be happy. Happiness is largely defined as good relationships, good health, meaningful work and financial independence. We all want all four of these.

You can measure how healthy and how happy you are, by how well you're doing in each of these areas. If you have a deficiency in one, then you feel unhappy. Therefore, happiness is when your deficient needs are satisfied.

JB: Why are people so unwilling to take a risk or to make an enhancement, that can unequivocally improve their life?

BT: Fear and doubt have been the greatest enemies of mankind throughout history and still are. If a person was absolutely guaranteed that if you use this, you will experience marked improvement, if they were absolutely assured of it, they would act on it. But people sabotage themselves with their own doubts.

JB: Success is evolutionary, but everyone is looking for that quick fix. Is there one?

BT: We have two mental illnesses. A mental illness is a way of looking at the world that is incorrect with regard to reality. It isn't what a person knows that hurts them, it's what they know that isn't true.

One of the things people are taught is that it's possible to be successful quickly. There are no quick successes. To be successful, you've got to be willing to put in years of hard work.

The second mental illness we have, is called something for nothing. It's impossible to get more out than you put in, unless somebody gets less out, than what they put in. You cannot have more unless you are stealing from somebody else. Our society is based on this idea that you can get something for nothing and you can get rich quick. The fact is, you have to pay full price in advance for any success you want.

JB: Do we spend too much time focused on victory vs. the behavior required to attain that victory?

BT: My friend, Denis Waitley, says we spend too much time on activities that are tension-relieving, rather than activities that are goal-achieving. The question is, "How badly do you want to be successful?" If you want to be successful, study other successful people. They have certain characteristics in common:

1. They accept complete responsibility for their lives and don't make excuses. They don't expect something for nothing. They don't expect anyone else to do it for them.

2. They have very clear goals and written plans.

3. They are continuous learners. They recognize that whatever they know is already becoming obsolete or is being eliminated by their competition.

4. They are very persistent. They are tenacious. They keep at it. They just keep working and working.

Anybody who will do these four, is going to have a wonderful life.

• • • • •

Want to see how Jeff Blackman helped one client drive results? Please take a peek at this video, where Chris Randall, CEO of Ultra Risk Advisors, talks about Jeff's positive and powerful impact on his team:
BlackmanUltraResults video: (2:03)
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The ballots have been cast. The votes counted. And in a landslide victory, these two—have been voted the world's funniest little people for 2023:

Say hi to our 15-month-old twin grandchildren Sloane and Charlie. As you can see, the only thing "identical" about them, is their passion—to play with Tupperware! (In the interest of accuracy, the only votes cast—were from my wife and I—a.k.a. Nonni and Poppi!)



It's fair to say, on October 31st, I lost my "biggest fan". My beloved mom Sallie, passed away at the age of 94.

Friends and family have described her as, "Warm, kind, giving, smart, beautiful, tough and sassy." She was all of those things, and more. Plus, she also had a wickedly funny sense of humor.

Mom was always "present" in the lives of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family and friends.

But now...

Her phone calls have stopped.

Her voicemails have stopped.

Her conversations beginning with, "I need" — "I want" or "Get me" have stopped.

Yet, what will never stop...

Is my love, others' love—and our collective memories of mom.

Mom, I love you!



For an extra dose of inspiration and knowledge—about winning ways and self-accountability, please take a peek at our latest blog post:


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BULLSEYE is also now available at Amazon as an EBook—at a special 50% E-courtesy savings.

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books—and that's kind of the same thing!
     - Unknown
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David Wallach President
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"We first used Jeff's results strategies in 2011 and found great success. Fast forward 10 years and we basically have a new sales force due to retirements. To help our team achieve success and to keep 2021's momentum going, we made the easy decision to ask Jeff back. He took the time to learn all about our company in 2011 and again now. We discussed our history, culture, mission, markets, challenges and goals. Jeff definitely prepares for his audience and it shows when he's leading our discussions. His energetic style keeps everyone engaged and his strategies are simple to understand and easy to use. Plus, his follow-up virtual programs keep everything fresh, reinforcing the initial in-person training. Our sales team even thanked us for bringing Jeff in! It's cool to watch and hear how Jeff's techniques are helping our team gain sales. To see your sales team find success and grow your business, call Jeff."
Bill Michael President
Medler Electric Company
"From the moment we met Jeff, he was interested in knowing our business at a fundamental level. He spent multiple sessions with our team, learning our merger challenges, interviewing customers and suppliers, and tailoring his 'change' message. He then set our conference tone with a fantastic keynote kick-off. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to launch a new initiative or jump-start their organization wiht new energy and direction. We value his hard work and preparation and were thrilled with his keynote presentation."
Paul Dean Executive Vice President
LBM Advantage
"It's a pleasure working with Jeff through his results-process. Immediately after speaking with him and seeing his focused research to understand our needs, we knew we had a winning training and coaching strategy. Jeff's early engagement with our team, ongoing conversations and personal touch—in-person and throughout our reinforcement sessions, makes the magic flow—with accountability and focus, keeping us on track to meet and exceed our goals. If you want to differentiate, add value and take your craft to a new level, Jeff's your  partner. He's dynamic, encouraging, professional and a wonderful person."
Kelly Vliet retired Vice President, Sales
Medler Electric Company
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