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December, 2022
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The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
     - Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain during World War II
Remain a lifelong student. Don't lose that curiosity.
     - Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo.
I know about work ethic. I like getting up in the morning. I accept it as a great gift.
     - Norman Lear, American screenwriter, TV and film producer of multi-award-winning shows; All in the Family, Maude, Sanford & Son, One Day at a Time, The Jeffersons and Good Times—who on July 27th, 2022—celebrated his 100th birthday
A successful win-win negotiation is characterized by positive attitudes, relationships and impressions. Mark McCormack, author of What They Don't Teach You at Harvard Business School and a one-time guest on my radio talk-show, told me, "One of life's big frustrations is that people don't do what you want them to do. But if you can control their impressions of you, you can make them want to do what you want them to do.

The preceding quote, is an excerpt from the 5th edition of my bestselling, Peak Your Profits. Available on Amazon at:


And thanks to all of you, who helped PYP5 jump to #25 on Amazon.


And now, am proud to announce my sixth and latest book is also "live" on Amazon:

BULLSEYE! Hitting Your Targets at Home and at Work


It was released December 2nd, 2022—and four days later, achieved Best Seller status in multiple Amazon book categories. Including Hot New Releases:

Thanks! Am incredibly grateful.


QUESTION: Jeff, heard you speak. Very valuable! Have already applied lots with great results. I was also the one who shared with you the "things" businesspeople do, i.e., customers, employees, salespeople and vendors that drive ME crazy. What's on your list?

ANSWER: Fun question! As you know, I'm a pretty positive guy. And am always willing to give folks the benefit of the doubt.

My assumptions are, an individual is honest, trustworthy, reliable and reasonable. Until they do something to negate the preceding. Or send telltale signs—trouble is looming.

However, I'm always cognizant of some simple, yet profound advice given to me, by my first "industry mentor"—the late, great, Nick Carter.

Nick was a giant of a man. In stature and thought. He too was a writer and speaker, who spent most of his professional life at Nightingale-Conant, the motivational/educational company.

Nick once told me, "Always be responsible TO your audience, not FOR them."

Nick's point, you seldom know what issues, challenges or burdens an individual carries into your relationship. You can only attempt to understand.

And you can only control you. Not them.

Sound advice.

Knowing that and applying it, enable me to quickly get over other people's falsehoods, misrepresentations, bad moods, nasty dispositions, wicked words or ill deeds.

While I once again, can't "control" the preceding, I DO CONTROL my reactions to them.

Yet, to answer your specific question...

Here's some stuff, that initially drives me batty, sticks in my craw or exacerbates my exasperation!

People who:

  - are duplicitous

  - are liars

  - use language like:

     "To be honest with you."

     "To be perfectly honest with you."

     "To be really honest with you."

Once, someone uttered all three of those declarations to me in less than sixty seconds. Then, when I repeated (verbatim), a statement she made three minutes earlier, she exclaimed, "I never said that!"

  - don't honor commitments and deliverables

  - don't listen

  - don't return phone calls or reply to emails, when they initiated the relationship—requesting your help

  - tell you:

       "That's not how we do things."

       "In our industry, that's never done."

       "It's not working well, we'll learn to live with it."

       "That'll never work in our culture."

  - talk over you

  - don't look at you, when they communicate

  - are deceitful

  - try to show their power, by belittling others, (I can't stand a bully)

  - ignore the simple "rules" of etiquette, and forget words like; please, thank you and you're welcome

  - cheat

  - omit facts

  - create "facts"

  - don't "get it"

  - engage in situational ethics

  - take credit for something they didn't do

  - blame others for something they did do

  - commit acts of intellectual dishonesty

  - aren't prepared

  - make lame excuses

  - cheerfully seek your opinion or counsel, with no intention of using it—or do intend to use it—but take no action

 - are sneaky

  - didn't believe the Cubs would some day, win the World Series

* * * * *

What's on your list? Would love to see 'em. Please send to [email protected]


• • • • •




If you'd like to see Jeff tell the bullseye story, that's the inspiration for his new best selling book: BULLSEYE! Hitting Your Targets at Home and at Work, please go to ResultsTV and his Vintage Video Vault at:


then click on this "Classic Cut" — Staying on Target

You might especially enjoy—seeing Jeff with fuller and darker hair, on top of his head and above his lip!


We had this kooky, quick connection. Our first names are the same. Our initials are the same. The first syllable of both our last names—are colors. We're "broadcast brothers" with vast radio experience. And we both have a passionate, never-ending, insatiable love for books.

Please meet Jeff Brown, host of his very popular and successful Read to Lead podcast. Annually recognized as one of the "best business podcasts". And he's the author of Read to Lead.

Recently, I was interviewed by Jeff on his podcast. We focused on strategies in the 5th edition of Peak Your Profits® / Your Explosive Business-Growth System. (If you'd like to listen to our conversation, please go to: and in the Search box on the upper right-hand side, please enter: Jeff Blackman   then hit Enter or Return and you'll go directly to Episode 445. Thanks.)

If you dig reading, or listening to fascinating authors who share their philosophies, strategies and tactics to help you achieve new levels of success, (personally and professionally), you'll dig Jeff Brown's podcast. Plus, he has a fun, engaging style—where he enthusiastically exclaims, "Leaders read and readers lead!"

However, now—I get to flip-the-tables on Jeff—and ask him questions. And you're the beneficiary!

Jeff Blackman: Why are readers, leaders?

Jeff Brown: Readers don't become leaders just through the act of reading. However, I know of no quality leader who refuses to carve out time to learn and grow. And books are the best, strongest option. Ezines, articles, podcasts and videos are great, but they're not books. A book is curated over months and even years. And vetted by lots of people before it ever gets published.

Jeff Blackman: How can one become a more effective reader?

Jeff Brown: If you typically take notes as you read, meaning you stop and restart a lot, try separating the two disciplines. Set a timer for either 25- or 50-minutes (the Pomodoro Technique) and just read. {The Pomodoro Technique is a time management strategy based on 25-minute stretches of focused work—broken by five-minute breaks.}

As you read, rather than take notes, limit yourself to making simple markings in your (obviously) physical book: an asterisk or star for something of particular resonance, a question mark for something you're not sure you understand or maybe even something you disagree with, and a "Q" to signify a pithy passage or quote to remember.

After a short break (a 5-minute break after a 25-minute session or a 10-minute break following a 50-minute session), go back through the chapter or section you just read and now take notes using your previously made markings to guide you.

I've found separating the two disciplines aids considerably—in your ability to retain and comprehend what you read.

Jeff Blackman: Why is reading so important?

Jeff Brown: You learn new things. It challenges your thinking. And research suggests these additional reading benefits. It:

• Empowers you to more readily empathize with others

• Improves your decision-making

• Reduces stress

• Helps you sleep

• Helps prevent cognitive decline as you age

• Strengthens your brain

• Makes you more creative

• Improves your vocabulary

Jeff Blackman: How many books do you read annually? What are the qualities you look for?

Jeff Brown: At least 50 (for the weekly podcast) and perhaps another ten or twelve. I first think about "why" I might read a particular book. What do I hope to gain? When reading the Table of Contents and the inside front and back cover— if it can address a problem I hope to solve, I dive in. I usually give a book about 50 pages to decide if I'll stick with it. Consider 100 pages minus your age. Let that number be the number of pages you "give" a book, before you "quit" a book. The older you become, the fewer pages a book gets!

Jeff Blackman: Why did you create your Read to Lead podcast?

Jeff Brown: My love for books, their impact on me, and a desire to help more people easily access them. I wanted them to experience what I have. If someone can't or won't take time to read a book—they might be willing to glean its key insights through a conversation with the author.

For many, the Read to Lead show has become their way to "audition" books. The biggest "complaint" I get from listeners and viewers—is how much their book budgets have ballooned!

Jeff Blackman: How do you respond to others, who claim they're too busy or have no time to read?

Jeff Brown: They're lying to themselves. If that's one's claim, it simply means they don't consider reading important enough to carve-out time for it. That goes for anything one feels they lack the time to do. That's fine, so long as one understands—not doing that thing is a choice.

Only when the "thing"—rises up your list of priorities will it ever stand a chance of taking hold and becoming a habit. Once you've made the decision to give the thing priority, you'll schedule the time, like any other appointment or meeting. Michael Hyatt, one of my mentors says, "What gets scheduled, gets done."

Jeff Blackman: How does reading influence the various aspects of one's success—i.e., professionally, creatively, a more balanced life, etc.

Jeff Brown: If you're unwilling to admit what you don't know, or you're unwilling to have your current beliefs challenged, then you're not likely to pick up a book anytime soon. In fact, these are the two most common reasons people don't want to read: they dont want to learn and they don't want to change their minds.

We don't want to learn—simply because learning means admitting we don't know something. It's easier to not learn and just go back to what we know.

And if a book is going to help you get somewhere you've been unable to get to on your own, it means changing your mind about something.

Learning: admitting we don't know something...

And changing our minds: admitting we were wrong about something...

Make us uncomfortable. Yet any worthwhile pursuit requires a certain amount of discomfort. That's what makes it worthwhile.

Jeff Blackman: Related to reading, tell us about your strategies to master note-taking and why it's such an important skill?

Jeff Brown: Most of us take notes on content we consume. Yet many of us never do anything with those notes, let alone ever get to a place where our new notes, ideas and insights are connecting with our existing ones.

If you don't do anything with your notes, then I argue—there's little point to having consumed the content in the first place! Granted, there are exceptions.

Some content we consume for how it impacts our thinking. But with most books, podcasts, videos, and online articles, we're spending time with them to learn something new. Or to see if what we currently believe holds-up or needs adjustment. After we finish a piece of content, there's often a to-do list to implement. Your notes and how effectively they're captured—determine your success.

In my Note-Making Mastery Course, we identify your note-taking style. As you learn to better Collect, Connect, and Crystallize your thinking, you're better equipped to Create from that thinking. To learn more about Jeff's Read to Lead podcast and his Note-Making Mastery Course, plus the Read to Lead Community, please take a peek at:



Note-Making Mastery Course

• • • • •

Want to see how Jeff Blackman helped one client drive results? Please take a peek at this video, where Chris Randall, CEO of Ultra Risk Advisors, talks about Jeff's positive and powerful impact on his team:
BlackmanUltraResults video: (2:03)
To explore how Jeff can help you and your team drive results—with speaking, training, coaching, consulting and ongoing reinforcment—in-person or virtual, please contact Sheryl Kantor at: [email protected] or 847.998.0688
Your cup of inspiration, reflection and laughter!


You might remember, the February issue of the Results Report featured a picture of our eldest daughter, Brittany Taylor and me—during our Daddy/Daughter dance at her September 2021 wedding celebration to Robert Schwartz. Your outpouring of warm congratulations was overwhelming.

So thought you might like an update. Brittany and Rob, just gave birth to twins! Please say hi to Sloane & Charlie. (And because our youngest daughter, Aunt Amanda Paige is very funny—she created this "toothy tots" keepsake on their one-week birthday!)



September, 2022: Genuine warmth and sincere hospitality starts the moment you enter Jerusalem's David Citadel Hotel, as they greet you at check-in with a friendly smile and sincere salutation of, "Welcome home!"
While all members of the hotel's team were helpful and attentive to me, my wife Sheryl and our dear friends and travel companions Sue-Ellen and Fred Duboe—each morning, our day began with two stellar stars at the bountiful breakfast buffet: Ata and Samer.
A simple nod toward Ata, set him in motion. As he literally ran, to honor your request. Cheerfully. Speedily.
And Ata's teammate, Samer, assured us the first day, he wasn't merely a waiter. Instead, he proudly proclaimed, "I'm an artist!" And he proved it with each latte.
While in the United States, I've had lattes arrive with simple shapes; like a heart or a leaf...
Samer used a latte, as his palate for coffee creativity. His artistry and java genius, included; sea monkeys, dolphins, goats and facial portraits.
On our final morning, he handcrafted a puppy dog with sad eyes and the message: Miss You
Samer, Ata and all the David Citadel pros–thanks for making each day meaningful and memorable.



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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books—and that's kind of the same thing!
     - Unknown
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"Jeff, the feedback is the best I've received in 9 years of coordinating our Forward meetings. You scored a Grand Slam! Thank you for doing such a great job, in preparing and motivating our team."
David Wallach President
Barclay Street Real Estate
"We first used Jeff's results strategies in 2011 and found great success. Fast forward 10 years and we basically have a new sales force due to retirements. To help our team achieve success and to keep 2021's momentum going, we made the easy decision to ask Jeff back. He took the time to learn all about our company in 2011 and again now. We discussed our history, culture, mission, markets, challenges and goals. Jeff definitely prepares for his audience and it shows when he's leading our discussions. His energetic style keeps everyone engaged and his strategies are simple to understand and easy to use. Plus, his follow-up virtual programs keep everything fresh, reinforcing the initial in-person training. Our sales team even thanked us for bringing Jeff in! It's cool to watch and hear how Jeff's techniques are helping our team gain sales. To see your sales team find success and grow your business, call Jeff."
Bill Michael President
Medler Electric Company / 5.23.22
"From the moment we met Jeff, he was interested in knowing our business at a fundamental level. He spent multiple sessions with our team, learning our merger challenges, interviewing customers and suppliers, and tailoring his 'change' message. He then set our conference tone with a fantastic keynote kick-off. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to launch a new initiative or jump-start their organization wiht new energy and direction. We value his hard work and preparation and were thrilled with his keynote presentation."
Paul Dean Executive Vice President
LBM Advantage
"It's a pleasure working with Jeff through his results-process. Immediately after speaking with him and seeing his focused research to understand our needs, we knew we had a winning training and coaching strategy. Jeff's early engagement with our team, ongoing conversations and personal touch—in-person and throughout our reinforcement sessions, makes the magic flow—with accountability and focus, keeping us on track to meet and exceed our goals. If you want to differentiate, add value and take your craft to a new level, Jeff's your  partner. He's dynamic, encouraging, professional and a wonderful person."
Kelly Vliet Vice President, Sales
Medler Electric Company / 5.16.22
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