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December, 2020
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The way to get started, is to quit talking and start doing.
     - Walt Disney
Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.
     - Ginni Rometty, Executive Chairman • IBM
Be so good, they can't ignore you.
     - Steve Martin
There’s a direct correlation between trust, knowledge and business-growth!
Your word represents your credibility, reputation and character. A buyer and seller must forge a relationship. And there’s no quicker way to destroy that relationship than by deceit.
Successful business development gives your customers and clients the opportunity to first satisfy their wants and needs, not yours. But by giving them what they want, you eventually get what you want!

The preceding three quotes, are excerpts from the new 5th edition of my bestselling, Peak Your Profits. Now available on Amazon at:


And thanks to all of you, who helped PYP5 jump to #43 on Amazon.


QUESTION: Jeff, what's your assessment of 2020, a year unlike any other?

ANSWER: It's so appropriate, you label this year unlike any other, because it starts with UN. Since the pandemic began, this has been a time of:

UNprecedented. UNknown. UNcertain. Yet, it's also a time for being:

UNderstanding. UNselfish. UNwavering.

Especially when, we as humans, are UNstoppable—seeking solutions. That's the power, of us being, UNbeatable!

Almost a year ago, we discovered a wicked pathogen. It's eventual path of destruction UNfathomable. Its impact upon individuals, families, businesses, nations and the world has been devastating and heartbraking.

Goals, plans and dreams, personal or professional—tied to family, finances, spirituality, recreation, health and wellness, business or any other pursuit—were tossed topsy-turvy, delayed or UNfortunately, shattered.

Yet, human beings, anywhere in the world, really show their mental muscle and mettle, when challenged. Even when the foe can't be seen or heard. When you combine science, innovation, tenacity, intelligence and a refusal to quit—it becomes a powerful formula for success. And now...

In an almost UNimaginable time frame, COVID-19 vaccines have been created, distributed and injected. Is this battle over? Nope. Not yet. But our collective humanity, has taken us, one day at a time, into a new optimism and hope for the future.

Will we ever return to normal? No, how could we. We'll be living and working in, what I've defined as, The Next Normal. For we must be forever changing, adapting, growing. If we don't, than our lives and businesses are like a plant or the organic world. Meaning, we can either grow and prosper or wither and die.

Yet, I'm an optimist. Can't help it. It's just the way I'm wired. Heck, even my blood-type is O positive! So I have my eye, mind and heart toward positive tomorrows for you and me. However, we both, will be required to think smarter and work smarter. Because the old way, the way we always did it, are done. Finished. Kaput!

So I'm going to politely challenge you. Maybe even shake you up. Yet only because, I want your 2021—to be an opportunity to accelerate your career, grow your business and improve your life.

And to help you do that now, right the perfect opportunity for you to attack what I call:

The Great Eight

1. Let's imagine we walk out together into your future...for X years. When you look back at that time, what would you have liked to accomplish? (With you? Your family? Your career? Your business?)

2. If anything in your world or your future could come true, what would that include?

3. What would you most like to change in your life? How willing are you to make these changes? When will you make them?

4. What's your biggest piece of unfinished business in your professional life? How about personal life? What steps will you take to "finish" them?

5. What brings you the greatest happiness? How are you going to make sure you have more of that happiness in your life?

6. What kinds of resources could be redirected to achieve your goals?

7. What activities, experiences, events or moments would make your life complete? What steps will you take to make those things happen?

8. And perhaps the most challenging question: What's the risk of doing nothing?

What's one goal you're going to set and achieve in the new year? Would love to know, how YOU are going to rock 2021. So you're always welcome to shoot me an email at: [email protected] Thanks!




Are you a fan of the iconic 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz? Me too. It's brilliant! Yet, you don't want to live your life, personally or professionally—with what I call, the Wizard of Oz Philosophy. Meaning...

BlackmanWizardOfOzPhilosophy video: (1:07)


Since The Results Report began in 2000, I often hear or read from loyal subscribers like you, how much folks appreciate and value, being the beneficiary of my vast network of friends, peers and clients. These smart, talented folks share with you—lessons and insights with immediate application to your life or business. That's incredibly rewarding to readers and me! Today, is no different.

Scott Friedman and I have been pals for almost 35 years. He's a fellow award-winning speaker and author, (Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations, Happily Ever Laughter and A Celebration A Day!) Scott is a valued friend—he's smart, funny, caring. Plus, he's a savvy business-pro and an altruistic philanthropist/humanitarian.

If you're ever near Denver and need a place to crash, you could be the recipient of Scott's hospitality and "open door" policy. Yet, if you also need a friend to listen to you, or someone to laugh with, you'll benefit from Scott's "open heart" policy!

When Scott and I catch-up—about life and business, it's a fun, free-flowing conversation. Always characterized by learning and laughter. And that's why I thought, he's the perfect "guest"—to help you finish 2020 and start 2021—with hope, optimism and a game plan for your successful future.

Jeff Blackman: In this current COVID culture, many are anxious or fearful. Yet you say there are ways to win—through reflection and reinvention, how so…?

Scott Friedman: It all depends on where you focus your thoughts and energy. It's easy to worry about what we can't control and dwell on what used to be. That won't serve you well. Things happen the best, for the people that make the best, out of the things that happen.

Reflect on what you like most about what you do and how it supports your values. Reinvent your life with your values front and center. Take a "life inventory" by asking:

1. What am I doing now, I love? (Make time for that in your future.)

2. What do I love doing, I'm not doing? (Bring these things into your life. Create a reward-system that lets you do more of what you love.)

3. What am I doing, I detest? (If possible, get rid of these things. Can you delegate or outsource them? Or change the task or your attitude toward it?)

JB: How does one choose their attitude, to avoid feeling victimized by circumstances and emotion?

SF: A Harvard Psychiatrist wanted to know when people were the most happy, so he created an app called Track Your Happiness. Overall, happiness was less dependent on what people were doing and more on what they were thinking. If their minds wandered toward negative thoughts, they were significantly less happy. By far, the most important factor is how we judge our experiences. Being irritated or playing the victim, involves the story we tell ourselves.

Happiness comes from learning to experience gratitude for current events, plus, how we define our past. If we look at past experiences with anger and resentment, it surfaces in the future—as anger, resentment and fear. If we look at our past with gratitude, for shaping us into the person we are today, then it appears in the future—as hope and faith.

To be happier, play, "What's the gift?" With every challenge, event or circumstance, ask yourself, "What's the gift?" If there's a lesson to learn, what is it? When you seek a silver lining, you find it!

JB: You've logged lots of miles speaking internationally, that travel yielded what type of best practices…that'll work for anyone?

SF: I hit four-million miles on United a few years ago. Have spoken all over Asia, the Gulf Region, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Europe. Anywhere in the world, whether it's being a leader, entrepreneur, solopreneur, business person or sales pro, there are three universal qualities that make people successful: Authenticity. Vulnerability. Humility. With these, you'll connect with people of all origins and regions. Also, we're all goal-seeking beings. We want to be challenged, to achieve what's important to us.

Today, more than ever, people want to feel their life matters and they're part of something larger than themselves. COVID-19 has made us aware of our interdependence on one another.

JB: How does one create their future?

SF: First, determine what you want your future to look like. If you could create your perfect 365 days a year, what would it be? Our careers are just tools to create the lifestyle we want, a chance to hang with the people we love, and to make a difference in whatever unique ways we want to make a difference.

Next, define what your success looks like. For me, it's spending quality time with friends and family, challenging myself to grow personally and professionally, staying healthy and making a difference in the lives of others. Every day, look at your "success statement" on your bathroom mirror or shower door and ask yourself, "What choices can I make today, that are aligned to my success?"

JB: What are specific steps or strategies for any business, to better connect with customers/clients?

SF: A favorite part of the research we did for Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations, is how to connect with others through surprise, the element of the unexpected.

Surprise is all about finding out what's highest on peoples' joy-list and giving them more of that. It's listening carefully to what others are saying, to learn what brings them joy and how you can make that happen.

Hearing, is a physical act. Listening is a mental one. When truly listening, seek to understand. You must be totally focused on the other person. That's when the connection or magic happens.

JB: You see celebration, humor and creativity as competitive advantages, how so?

SF: They're all good ways to engage others and build connection. The first step, is to find out more about those you live with, work with and serve. Become a detective on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. Then create ways to use this information, to make life better for those in your life.

A few years ago, I spoke at the Taj Samudra hotel in Colombo (Sri Lanka). When I entered my room, I saw a picture in a frame on the bedside table.

It was me with eight incredible Burmese refugees from a children's home, my foundation, Together We Can Change the World built five years ago. I love these kids. They're the ultimate survivors. Each being rescued from a horrific life in Myanmar and living a much better life now, in northern Thailand.

Where did the hotel staff find this photo? How did they even know about TWCCTW? In their commitment to surprise, they found me on Facebook, then discovered TWCCTW's Facebook page, found the photo, copied and printed it, for my surprise. Their efforts created a fan for life. Surprising your "tribe" with meaningful photos, is a wonderful way to deepen a connection. I now surprise colleagues and clients with coffee mugs, displaying meaningful photo memories. The deeper you touch the emotions of your customers, the greater the connection.

JB: What are valuable lessons, you've learned from clients?

SF: In Celebrate!, I share a story about the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel in Singapore. They surprise their staff with customized mugs and personalized items, and do the same with guests.

When they send an email confirming lodging, they ask guests, "Are you celebrating something special?" Or, "Is there something we can do for you?" Guests write-in lots of crazy things. Some kidding. Others serious. Either way, they do their best to create a memorable "surprise".

One guest wrote, "Your laundry prices are too expensive. I can buy a new pair of underwear cheaper, than what it costs to clean them at your hotel!" So when this guest entered his hotel room's bathroom, he saw pairs of new underwear…hanging from a clothesline!

When I asked the Royal Plaza’s Director of Marketing/Branding, "How do you find time to create surprise?" She said, "It's easier than you think. Once you're in the celebration mindset, ideas come quickly. We see which guests are arriving, what they've told us, and then brainstorm on how to creatively engage!"

To discover more ways to creatively engage, plus create celebration in your life and others, please take a peek at ScottFriedmanCelebrate as well as Together We Can Change the World

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In April, as many of you know, Brittany our eldest daughter, married Rob. While we had planned for a fun-filled celebratory wedding weekend, the pandemic walloped us with an unexpected, immediate and required STOP! Yet, the kids still got married on their Chicago condo rooftop, as my wife and I, along with family and friends watched on Zoom.

However, we were with the kids, when they welcomed to their family, Lois, their three-month-old Springer Doodle.

Lois calls me "Puppy Papa"—plus, spends lots of time jumping in my lap, dancing on my head and playing catch with me! Right now, I'm the one, chasing the balls!



Chad, our son who lives in southern California, also has a family addition. Meet his six-month old Bearded Dragon,  Ravioli Artichokey:

Here, she poses for her glamor shot!



Amanda, our youngest, hasn't recently added a new pet. However, she's about to add—one more year! She's an actual "New Year's Eve baby!" Happy birthday sweet child. As we always tell you, Chad, Brittany and Rob—we love you more than you'll ever know!

Amanda, (on the right), is with Brittany and Rob. The girls enthusiastically display their "participation" trophies. While Rob proudly shows his 1st place hardware—for interpretive dance!



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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy books—and that's kind of the same thing!
     - Unknown
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