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August, 2020
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The road to success is always under construction.
     - Lily Tomlin, actress, comedian, writer, producer
It's not about money or connections—it's the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone.
     - Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, TV personality, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team
To learn more about Mark Cuban and my personal experience with him, please take a peek at this popular back-issue blog posting:
When value is high, when integrity is high, when non-manipulation is high, and yes, sometimes even when the price, rate or fee is high—what's low? Resistance!
Trust translates into opportunity and profitability. That's not a greedy or mercenary statement, but a fact. When trust is high, fear is low!
A price reduction may cause you to work harder, not smarter. Plus, price wars can be demoralizing, exhausting and unprofitable.

The preceding three quotes, are excerpts from the new 5th edition of my bestselling, Peak Your Profits. Now available on Amazon at:

And thanks to all of you, who helped PYP5 jump to #73 on Amazon.


QUESTION: Hey Jeff, know you don't have a crystal ball, but if you did, what's the future look like, in this crazy, forever changing pandemic world?

ANSWER: Whoa, thanks for the challenge!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot—about the "state" of where we're at.

And my perceptions, thoughts and conclusions about our current COVID-19 environment or eventual post-pandemic world, have been influenced by my work with clients.

Yes, we all know, we're living through uncertainty and unprecedented times. Is this the New Normal, the New Abnormal or what I now think to be more accurate, The Next Normal?

While there's lots we don't know about today or tomorrow, here's what my conversations with other business owners, CEOs, Presidents, leaders and salespeople have led me to conclude:

1. Prospects and customers want you to create clarity and assurance, as you reduce their tension and concerns.

2. While folks are "budget aware" or "price conscious"—they don't want to forsake quality. Value beats price.

3. People are still making decisions. Yet, they want you to also relate and connect to them. They especially respect, direct and honest dialogue—focused on how you can best determine how to work together. However...

4. They don't want you to merely acquiesce or appease them. They respect your willingness and ability to confidently challenge them, with intelligent questions—that'll help them re-think, re-consider and re-examine, how they do, what they do. Convey your strength and belief, in your unique differentiators—based upon—what happy customers value most.

5. Help others "solve" for their present and future. And do it, with confidence, boldness and bravery. Even though knowing, the future is unknown. Positivity is a powerful force.

6. Control and influence, what you can control and influence. The other "stuff"—fuhgeddabout it!

7. Realize, lots of folks, i.e., (prospects and customers), plain and simple—are scared. About their future, professional and personal. Therefore, to help them focus on their future, focus on the person. Their wants, needs and goals. Help them convert fear to faith.

8. Patience, empathy and creativity are required for success. What are you willing to do, that you haven't done? When will you start? (Which means, you must keep learning. And then execute!)

9. You've probably heard a lot about the need to "pivot". Pivot, as a verb, means to move or swing back and forth at a regular speed. Or, vary in magnitude or position around a central point.

It can also mean to oscillate or fluctuate between beliefs, opinions and conditions. Seems like the real key, is—how and when, if you choose, will you pivot and change course?

Perhaps, not so much to "pivot", yet instead, to even "catapult".

Because "catapult" can help propel or launch you into new possibilities and opportunities.

10. Be disciplined and focused. Prioritize what you choose to monetize. Know, when to say, "No." (Prospects and customers require different commitments, of time and energy. Where do you devote your minutes?)

11. Honor your commitments. If you say you'll do it, DO IT! Hold yourself accountable.

12. Always understand, the Three Cs of your customer's experience: 1. the Challenge(s) they're facing, 2. the Cause(s) of those challenges and 3. the Consequence(s) of those challenges. Then...

13. Provide your products, services or solution(s), that'll help them eliminate the challenge, solve the problem, fill a need or realize a goal.

14. Help others, realize the impact and risk, of doing nothing.

15. When all is said and done, especially now, more must NOT be said than done. Action rules!

This stuff works, when YOU do.

Look forward to and would appreciate your feedback to the preceding. Plus, your additions to the list. Thanks.

To your results!



It’s a lot easier to overcome objections, when you know the four types or categories you're likely to encounter. In this brief interview excerpt, you'll learn about these obstacles and most important, how to confidently and successfully defeat 'em.


Achievement is never a solo adventure. Whatever success I’ve enjoyed in life or business, it always involved the help and support of others. It requires those who believe in, encourage and value you. Then, friends often become clients. And clients, even become friends. Folks like Vickie Mal.

Vickie is terrific. Smart. Funny. Creative. She was one of my first clients, when she was the Director of Marketing for the Professional Photographers of America. We traveled the U.S., doing a series of sales results-sessions for photographers. And when I journeyed to New Zealand to help Kiwi photographers grow their businesses, it was because of Vickie’s introduction.

And now, Vickie provides another valuable intro, that helps you transform a game into growth. More revenue. Higher earnings. And greater rewards. Before Vickie retired as the Membership Coordinator at the Seven Canyons Golf Club in Sedona, Arizona, she introduced me to Dave Bisbee. Dave is Seven Canyons’ former General Manager and Director of Golf, and the author of Back On Course.

Dave is the perfect guy for this Results Report issue—because, despite the global pandemic, folks are still playing golf. And Dave can help you leverage golf as a business-growth opportunity. Whether you want to start playing, are new to the game or a seasoned, savvy golfer—Dave’s links-lessons, will help you maximize results.

Jeff Blackman: What’s your history with golf?

Dave Bisbee: My mother, an accomplished amateur golfer, took me as a three-year-old to the driving range when she practiced. To keep me occupied, the local pro, Harold Hoffman, cut down a putter and a 7 iron, so I’d try to get the ball into the hole. Every time I did, Harold gave me chocolate. I was addicted to chocolate or obsessed with golf!

At six, at our local Club, I met Arnold Palmer. He was playing an exhibition match, with a not-yet-professional, Jack Nicklaus. Meeting Mr. Palmer was pivotal, he was the coolest. From that moment, I wanted to be a golf professional.

Started working at the golf course at twelve, gave up my amateur status at seventeen, to turn professional. Because of meeting Arnold Palmer, I’ve dodged a real job, my entire life!

JB: What makes golf so conducive to conducting business?

DB: There’s no other shared activity with the depth and breadth of social interaction and observable behaviors, in such a neutral environment. And you don’t have to be good, to reap the benefits. That’s why the eGolfGroup was created, to help executives harness the power of golf in their career, organizations and personal lives.

JB: What are the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards?

DB: Interesting question, because it’s how I approach the question, “Why should I play golf?” If we answer the “why” question, we can figure out the right motivational keys with each person. For some, it’s social aspects or competition. Others play for outside activity. Organizationally, the game’s tenets align with most corporate cultures—requiring discipline and focus. Plus, also requiring etiquette and honesty.

JB: What’s your advice to someone who has never played, or, has played poorly and declared, “I don’t want to embarrass myself?”

DB: First, seek help from a golf professional. My wife Helen, made an interesting observation—she was a ski instructor before meeting me and was astounded by how many people take-up golf and try to figure it out on their own. Yet, she saw almost all beginner-skiers, willingly attend ski school—before heading to a mountain-top. They wouldn’t attempt it on their own, because of serious injury.

Golfers, don’t risk physical harm by swinging poorly, (well, maybe some), but they can injure their ego! And well-meaning friends, often give bad advice. So I encourage beginners to find a pro. I also tell new or developing golfers, keep expectations in-check. Learn. Improve at your own pace.

JB: What are the most effective ways to use golf…to deepen relationships and create new business opportunities?

DB: When coaching execs on business golf, I stress, create a “home court” advantage. Have a Club or course that’s your primary site. It becomes an extension of your office. Know the staff, take care of them, so they’ll take care of you.

Also, know the course—how every green breaks or where hidden hazards are. When you create the right relationship with the staff and course, they’ll help facilitate your experience.

Remember, this is still a “business” meeting. Do “homework” before the round: what’s your prospect’s or customer’s level of experience, what tees should you play, do they have a favorite brand of ball, (give them a couple sleeves). Insights before you play, create a memorable experience that deepens a relationship.

And plan time after the round, to put a “bow” on the day. Play early enough to catch lunch. If an afternoon round, plan dinner or drinks and snacks. It’s a great time to reflect on the experience and set up next steps. Or, if appropriate, ask for the sale!

JB: How can an individual or company, improve top and bottom-line results, by leveraging golf?

DB: The game has opened doors and put me in front of people I’d never have access to. I also know countless individuals who owe their career successes to golf. It got them jobs, contracts and I’ve even witnessed mergers and acquisitions initiated or finalized while playing golf.

For individuals who don’t yet play, get started. Find a coach, improve your skills. Move the ball around the course. Know etiquette. Familiarize yourself with the rules. Get out there!

For an organization, golf promotes diversity, team-building, reward, recognition, cultural alignments with the game’s tenets, respect for rules, sportsmanship and self-discipline.

JB: By playing golf with someone, how does it help you gain insights into their style, personality and decision-making?

DB: Playing 18 holes with someone, offers real insights. You need to know who you’re looking at. Realizing, they’re looking at you too. Meaning, refrain from throwing your putter!

When I first meet someone on a golf course, I look at and in their golf bag. If they’re playing top-of-the-line clubs, but they’re a few years old, I assume trust is important to them. I might ask how long they’ve been playing their “brand’s” irons, and if I get a response like, “This is my third set, really like the feel.”—this tells me they’re loyal to a brand they trust. But, if I look in the bag and see the latest technology in a driver, woods and irons, I know this person buys the latest greatest thing pros use. So I’ll play to their ego.

JB: Who are some of the celebrities you’ve played with? What did you learn?

DB: The game has given me opportunities to meet U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Academy Award winners, Hall of Fame athletes, titans of industry and Heads of State.

What strikes me, is when it comes to golf, there’s commonality between all these uncommon people. The game is the great equalizer.

JB: Dave, I once had a client say, “On the golf course, you should be fast, fun and good. Or, at least two of the three!” …

DB: That’s good advice. If I had to pick two, it would be fast and fun. Or, you need to keep pace and be remembered for being enjoyable.

For more enjoyable and profitable ways to grow with golf, take a peek at:


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For decades, I've been driving a car. And during that time, I've seen lots of strange things while on-the-road, i.e., folks applying makeup as they make a turn, an aggressive lane-changer—dressed as a clown, people changing clothes while at a stoplight, yet...

Until last month, I've never seen one car, umm...

Give birth to another car!



The pandemic has given me the opportunity and time, to master other pursuits, like dunking a basketball. Not sure if this means I was a smashing success or only got it half right!



While loyal readers have always told me, my books nourish their minds—apparently—they can also fill your tummy! For Father's Day, my kids surprised me with my book covers—in individual, hand-painted, edible cookies. Stop Whining! Start Selling! is now even tastier!



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